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State of America's Children® 2010 Report

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State of America's Children® 2010 Report Billie Jo Gary Argosy University PSY260

This assignment I will discuss child poverty from the “State of America's
Children® 2010 Report”. I found that poverty does not exclude anyone. Poverty hits every race, every country, anytime, it is a sad truth that negatively effects the lives of many children and families poverty continues to rise and it is now at an all time high. Not to mention the unemployment rate. What can we do to put a stop to these rising factors?


Over the last decades, the world has made many changes, and the effects of those changes have profoundly been felt by many families everywhere. Today, children are being raised in single parent homes and it is hard when one parent has to work two jobs because absence of the parents can have very drastic effects on the child. (Miller, 2007). Sadly the numbers are at an all time high, when it comes to families and children living in poverty. Unemployment rates are growing and will continue to grow. Sadly more and more families are out of work and having to live without their basic needs being met.

Many children experience poverty during their preschool years, which increases the likely of them even graduating from high school (Duncan, Ludwig, & Magnuson, 2007). Poverty does not only affect other countries it is affecting everyone worldwide no matter the race or geographic location. Fact is It is in every race, every country and it is growing more rapidly every day.
(Payne, 2005). There are...

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