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State of Drought

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Knowledge in Civil Society

The State and Drought:
Villagers' Experiences
Dr. Chitra Krishnan

The State and Drought: Villagers' Experiences Part 11
Dr. Chitra Krishnan

Knowledge in Civil Society Trust, 12-13-437, Street No. 1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad – 500 017


Part 2 of this report is in Kannada and authored by the villagers mentioned in this report. It can be downloaded from:

Title Date

: The State and Drought: Villagers' Experiences : June 2014

About the Author


Chitra Krishnan was trained as a civil engineer at IIT Madras following which she worked on water resource issues in rural Kerala before pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Engineering in USA. Her working stints in different rural contexts and an organic farm in the USA influenced her markedly in her research quests. She completed her PhD from IIT Delhi on the traditional irrigation system of South India (tanks and anicuts). Her research publications include “Irrigation Infrastructure: The Case of the Tungabhadra River”2. She is currently practising dryland agriculture in Tumkur district, Karnataka and is involved in research studies looking at design and implementation issues of irrigation infrastructure from below.

About Knowledge in Civil Society Trust


Knowledge in Civil Society (KICS) is a public charitable trust registered in India in 2010, but active as network of NGOs, grassroots activists, academics, researchers and policymakers since 2005.3 KICS provides a platform for promoting dialogues on science and society issues in India through workshops, research studies, publications and specialized documentation efforts towards a people-centric science and technology policy. KICS works to promote justice in science and technology oriented development; to advocate democratic...

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