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State of Play - Part 5 Plot

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State of Play
Part 5
Once again we start at Heralds. All the journalists are trying to figure out the puzzle with all the different information they have from Warner Schloss, Foy, U-ex oil etc. Cameron gets a bit upset at his employees because he wants them to write a story soon, or else other newspapers will steal it from them.
Callum visits Greer to find out of more in the hiring of Sonia. Greer says that the minister of energy, George Fergus, hired Sonia, and that’s lead to another clue.
On the police station Foy gets interrogated. He tells his “story” in a few minutes, and finds out that it is not the police that have been chasing him in the grey rover in episode 4. Right after he bumps into Della and tells about the people who are following him. They change cars to secure Foy, and agree to meet in front of the hotel later.
The journalist, Helen, is asking Fergus if he was the one who hired Sonia to work for U-ex oil, but he gets insulted and angry, and says that she should keep her mouth closed if she wants to keep her job.
Foy is scared, he thinks that he might get killed because of his dirty job at Warner Schloss, but he will still not tell the journalists about it. Now Foy and Stephen meet up with all the journalists, but not face to face. Stephen overhears Callum and Della’s questioning of Foy. He tells the whole story about Sonia’s hiring, together with a contact person for U-ex oil, called Paul Canning. Sonia operated with dirty money, and wanted to back out, but Paul did not accept her non-attendance, and got mad. At the same time Sonia was falling in love with Stephen, and she was getting pregnant as well. When Stephen hears it he gets furious and walks right in to Foy, beats him up, and says that he was the one who killed Sonia, but justifies the case by saying he just offered her a job.
At the evening the journalists at Heralds have written the whole story. When they show it to Cameron he gets very excited and says it is a great day today. Cameron tells everyone to take the rest of the day off, because they have to celebrate, and at the same time he stops the printing of newspapers, so that he can get their story printed too.
Next morning after the publication of the story Stephen and his co-workers panics a bit. Stephen argues with his spin doctor, and hits him in the head.
Stephen asks George why he works for U-ex oil, but he will not answer clearly. Stephen and Greer think that he has let them down.
Part 5 ends with Callum asking Sonny if he can testify. He wants him to say that he took part in the handing over of the suitcase.

Stephen Collins
He is a member of the British parliament. It seems like he still have feelings for Sonia, since he is crying when her dead is mentioned in the press conference. It also seems like he is honest and we get the impression that he is the good guy in a bad situation. After watching part 2 and 3 we discover that Stephen still has secrets about his relationship with Sonia. Stephen is helping his old friend Callum, and wishes not to reveal the secret about Anne and Callum.
Callum McCaffrey
He is previous friends with Collins. One of the most important things for him is to get a good story to write about. He is cheating Collins at the start, but later he is helping him again. Callum likes Anne, a lot! He is now fired at Heralds because Cameron finds out about his secret affair with Anne. Though is fired he still works for Herald, because he is a one of a kind journalist. It seems like he do not only like Anne, he loves her.
Dan (Young freelance journalist)
He is smart, and knows exactly how to nose up the good information. His co-workers at Herald like him more and more, because he is very talented and intelligent. He keeps finding good ways to get more information out of Foy.
She is young, and good at what she does. The guys find her attractive and bright at the same time. She is still moved by the killing of Brown. She is changing identity not to get shot like Brown.

Helen Preger
She is a journalist like many of the other characters, a bit older than Della, but still a talented woman. In part 3 she is cooperating a lot with Dan.
Anne is very sad at the time, but softens up the longer we get. She helps Stephen, but will still not be with him. Instead she is hitting on Callum, and kisses with him. She just wishes to live a normal life without all the drama and attention. Her affair with Callum is just getting worse, and in some ways she still feels ashamed. Anne is trying to forget her relationship with Stephen. At the same time she gets more in love with Callum.
Stephens’s kids
A boy and a girl. They both love their father, but are angry with him because of his mistakes he made earlier. They are now aware of both the father and the mother’s secret affairs.
Cameron seems like a reliable boss. He wishes his co-workers the best, and pays the freelance a steady pay, because he wants the best newspaper in town. He protects his best journalists, but fires Callum because he messed up. In part 4 he helps Stephen not to get in trouble himself.
Dominic Foy
He is a creepy, shifty man, which right from the beginning cheats the journalists. We now that he has talked with Sonia right before she died, and that he is a possible piece of the puzzle. He has also had sex with Sonia long time ago, and was a relatively big part of her life. He says that he loved Sonia, but perhaps it is just another lie to remain secretive.

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