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Language and Decoding

It must be understood that words are broken up into smaller units of sounds called phonemes. Being able to pronounce and articulate phonemes is obviously essential. Further, having awareness that sounds can be manipulated, segmented and blended to create words in just as critical. This is both key to reading, writing, and spelling. When a kindergarten student ask you how to spell a particular word. The common answer is usually “sound it out”. In order for this method to work, one must be able to dissect a word into its finite parts in order to map each sound to the corresponding letter or letters. According to Roth, Paul & Pierotti, Children who perform well on sound awareness tasks become successful readers and writers, while children who struggle with such tasks often do not. (2006,par.2)

Language and Vocabulary

Teaching children to decode or sound out words is usually the starting point for reading instruction. Ultimately, readers have to understand what they are reading and writing. In order for them to fully comprehend the material, the student must have a significant repertoire of known words or vocabulary such as “site words”. Kindergarten vocabulary is primarily learned from the parents, friends or their community. Children who come from a proper English speaking homes have more of an advantage to learn up to three times as many words as a child from a non-proper English speaking home. (Hart & Risley, 1995)


After my assessment I have expressed concerns that the student was making slow progress learning the names and sounds of letters. He also participated in some small group lessons in the classroom that focused on letter/sound connections. The student also worked 1-to-1 with the classroom aide on letter identification. After assessing the student, I found that his letter/ sound identification scores reflected some areas of difficulty for him specifically vowel sounds. However, his phonemic awareness skills were strong. He could easily hear rhymes and he could isolate beginning and ending consonant sounds. He did have difficulty with segmenting phonemes in words. After meeting with the kindergarten student and assessing his phonemic awareness, as well as his letter identification, I felt strongly that he could benefit from small group or 1-to-1 instructions, which would explicitly teach the vowel sounds that, were causing him some confusion. The student appeared eager to please, and ready to attempt the many tasks that I presented to him. He responded well to positive praise, and he was able to stay focused and attentive for 15-20 minutes of assessments.

EEI Lesson Plan

Clent Organization: East Orange Board of Education Telephone:

Main Contact: Sharahon Benton Fax:

Email Adress: DATE: February 19,2013

| | |
|Author |HMH Journeys |
| | |
|Subject (s) |ELA/Reading |
| | |
|Topic or Unit of |Text and Graphic Features or Everybody Works ( Informational Text ) |
|Study | |
| | |
|Grade/Level |Kindergarten |
| |Students will learn, “ How can photographs help me better understand a selection?” |
|Summary | |
| |RL. K. 1, 3, 5, 9, 10; RI. K. 1, 2, 7, 10; RF.K. 1b, 1d, 2d, 3a, 3c, 4; W.K. 3, 8; SL.K. 1a, 2, 3, 4, 5,|
|Standards |6; L.K. 1a, 1d, 2b, 2c, 6 |
| |Special needs student or ELL learners will be supported through kinesthetic, spatial, auditory and visual |
|Differentiated |support. Student will say, read, and use the word to know and high-utility words. Student will listen to |
|Instruction |and recite a chant. Student will recognize that Mm stands for /m/ and write it. |
| |Student will identify words that begin with /m/. |
|Objective |Student will learn the letter Mm for /m/. |
| |Student will write the letter Mm. |
| |Teach will review alphabet by reciting the alphabet in triplets, and have the children echo you. (A-B-C…..|
| |D-E-F….. etc…) |
|Anticipatory Set | |
| |Teacher will introduce phonemic awareness with Alphafriend Card of a Mimi Mouse without the letter. Then |
| |the instructor will create a scene in the classroom about a mouse living in someone’s house. Allow the |
| |kids to see what’s going on and then ask questions. Finally have them listen to the lyrics to Mini Mouse’s|
| |song, and have children echo it line-for-line. Have them listen for the listen for the /m/ words and raise|
| |their hands when they hear each one. |
| | |
| | |
| |Teacher will use Instructional Routine 1 to introduce Mini Mouse. Display Alphabet Card Mimi Mouse with |
| |the letter. Say Mimi Mouse with me: Mimi Mouse. Mimi’s letter is m. The letter m stands for the /m/ sound,|
|Teach Lesson / |the sound you hear at the beginning of Mimi and Mouse. You can hear /m/ at the beginning of these words: |
|Model |mud, milk, mop. |
| | |
| |Teacher will write the words on the board and have the children underline the letter m in each word. |
| | |
| |Compare Sounds: Teacher will display Letter Card m and review the sound. Then hold up Picture Card mule. |
| |Then have the children name the picture and say the beginning sound. If the word begins with m, have them |
|Guided Practice |place the picture under the letter. If the word does not begin with m, have them place the picture face |
| |down. |
| | |
| |Teacher will repeat with Picture Cards man, mop, peach, cow, mat, vine, mix, and nose. |
| | |
|Independent |Teach will have the children to learn how to write the letters that stand for /m/ sound: capital M and |
|Practice |small m. As the teacher recite the handwriting rhymes of the letter, the student will chant each rhyme by |
| |“ writing” the letter in the air and on the whiteboard. |
| |After the student recite the words and/or write the letters, they would then share their work with the |
|Closure |other students. They would oral stand in front of the class and present their work to the class and |
| |compare it to the lesson that was taught. |
| | |
|Evaluation |Their work would inform what the teacher taught and show their comprehension skills. The teacher will ask |
|Assessment/Rubrics |student questions of what they are presenting. |
| |Big book audio cd, little book, retelling cards, Decodable Readers (Mm) |
|Instructional |Alphafriend Cards, Letters cards, Sound/ spelling card: Mimi Mouse, crayons, pencil, paper, picture cards:|
|Materials |man, map, mat, mix, mop, mule |
|(handouts, etc.) | |
| |Smartboard, text, and computer |
|Resources | |

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