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State of Confustion

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State of Confusion

State of Confusion Paper Jurisdiction The jurisdiction that holds the suit Tanya wishes to file would be the Federal District Court. The statute appointed by Confusion ordering all trucks and trailers to use the [pic]B-type hitch is a matter of interstate commerce. Tanya will be able to file a suite in her own state of Denial over the state law in Confusion because this matter will lie in federal courts.

Is the Confusion statute constitutional? Discuss

The federal government has not regulated[pic] what kind [pic]of[pic] hitch a truck or trailer should be used on the roads of the US. If the federal government has not regulated trailer hitches, a state cannot regulate within their own state, as that regulation would encompass the entire country. The state of Confusion also has a very obvious monopoly in place as the B-type hitches are not only manufactured within Confusion, but they can also only be purchased in Confusion. If the federal government were to accept this statute they would also be allowing a monopoly to continue. The Confusion statute is not constitutional because not only does the law affect in state trucks but also out of state trucks, the law imposed can cause hardships on some trucking companies that affect the free flow of trading [pic]in the state of Confusion. The[pic] provisions that the [pic]federal government[pic] will use by the [pic]court to determine the statute’s validity is to[pic] enact safety requirements for all vehicles. Tanya Trucker has followed all other regulations required and should not be charged with the expense and time cost with a state imposed law. Requiring such actions from truckers that drive through the state of Confusion will impose additional fees and time crucial to all truckers that need to drive through the state of Confusion. The statute is...

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