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Stategic Audit Outline

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I. Current Situation
a. Current Performance
i. How did the corporation perform the past year overall in terms of ROI, market share, and profitability?
b. Strategic Posture
What are the corporation’s current mission, objectives, strategies and policies?
i. Are they clearly stated, or are they merely implied from performance? ii. Mission: What business is the corporation in? Why? iii. Objectives: What are the corporate, business, and functional objectives? Are they consistent with each other, with the mission, and with the internal and external environment? iv. Strategies: What strategy or mix of strategies is the corporation following? Are they consistent with each other, with the mission and objectives, and with the internal and external environments?
v. Policies: What are the corporation’s policies? Are they consistent with each other, with the mission, objectives, and strategies, and with the internal and external environment? vi. Do the current mission, objectives, strategies, and policies reflect the corporation’s international operations, whether global or multi-domestic?

II. Corporate Governance
a. Board of Directors
i. Who is on the board? Are they internal or external members? ii. Do they own significant of stock? iii. Is the stock privately held or publicly traded? Are there different classes of stock with different voting rights? iv. What do the board members contribute to the corporation in terms of knowledge, skills background, and connections? If the corporation has international operations, do board members have international experience?
v. How long have members served on the board? vi. What is their level of involvement in strategic management? Do they merely rubberstamp top management’s proposal, or do they actively participate and suggest future directions?
b. Top Management
i. What person or group constitutes top management?...

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