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Technical Information
Pureshield protection Glass & Ceramic sealant

Product description:

The Pureshield protection Glass & ceramic is an alcohol based system,which generates an easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces. On the surface a thin hydro-and oleophobic film is created,which prevents the sticking of dirt,limescale & impurities and increase the rolling off of Liquid.This results in a very easy cleaning of the coated surfaces.Pureshield protection glass & ceramic is excellently suitable for sealing surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom such as shower cubicles,washing basins,flagging, protects the substrate from wetting, and it is permeable towards water vapour,and thus prevents the treated parts from moisture expansion and rotting. When the roll-off effect decreases,it can be easily renewed.

Suitable substrates: Glass and Ceramic surfaces for example in the kitchen or in the bathroom, all type of glass materials

Material: Siloxane compound, free of silicone .
Colour: Colourless Liquid

Consumption: 5-15ml/meter square(depending on the kind of application)

Preparation: ready to use

Substrate pre-treatment: The substrate must be dry and free of dirt,oil and grease

Application method: Spray as a thin film (wet varnish method or airless-spraying system) or by reaming with a lint-free cloth. After drying (see below) excess silanes are removed by polishing with a cloth.

Drying: 6-12 hours at room temperature.preferably 24hours

Saftey measures: During usage rubber gloves and mask have to be worn. Supply good ventilation. Keep away from sourses of ignition.Danger of Explosion

Cleaning tools: water

Storage: At least...

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