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Running head: Code of Ethics

Kenneth D. Mahorney, Jacqueline Milton, Crystal Price,
Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) Code of Ethics
Mrs. Judi Schroyer

Code of Ethics
· Reinforcing students, social emotional, academic learning, approach to creating teaching are all skills that sustains academic achievements, mental and emotional well-being of each and every students. PBS uniform is used in all school staffs and positive approach all school settings such as hallways, classrooms, cafeterias and even on the school bus. PBS goal is to establish a consistent and positive school culture for the staff and students.
· Highlight the positive connections and the bright side of teaching and learning
· Clarify and stay aware of the not-so-positive habits that naturally arise when teaching children with social and emotional disorders
· Practice Connect versus Convince. Teachers need to connect the information learned to the students and the real world verses convincing them this is what they believe in. This is useful when working with students who have behavior issues. Getting the student to understand what their behavior is and having them choice the decision to change is going to have a better effect on the student.
· Create Individualize Learning Plans for each student describing where they wish to be at with their behavior. Revisit any time the student is struggling with making appropriate behavior decisions. Discuss creating a behavior contract with the student if the negative behavior continues. (behavior challenged students)
· Students create goals for themselves based on: family, relationships, physical, mental, lifestyle, spiritual. Student's with behavior issues will revisit them when they feel new ones are needed. Student's will explain what their “big picture” is all about and then discuss if their behavior…...