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Statistics 640 Assignment 2 Part 1

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This case study ([38] Yin, 2003) concerns the introduction and application of organization-wide process management between 1997 and 2001 at Huddinge University Hospital, an 800-bed tertiary care centre with salaried staff in the Stockholm County Council healthcare system, Sweden (which subsequently merged to form the Karolinska University Hospital). The QI program involved identifying hospital processes and assembling multi-professional and management teams to conduct QI projects - aimed, typically, at reducing waiting times for patients or otherwise streamlining clinical operations - to enhance organizational performance ( Thor 2010)
Statement of problem In the health care field in the United States there are going to be major health care reform issues that come in the coming years. The government will be putting certain mandates down and health care will have to try to hold it together at all costs. During the uncertain times in health care there will need to be some improvement programs put in place. In a study in Swedish hospital they went thru change and had a quality improvement program enduring uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of such programs and how evaluate it. They were able to use design, methodology and approach.( Thor 2010)
Literatuare Review Goal achievement was assessed based on baseline levels, the goal set at the start of each QI project and the QI indicator level at project conclusion. Goal achievement was (arbitrarily) categorized into more or less than 50 percent along the way from baseline to the goal. We noted cases where QI projects had not been completed, or where data were missing. We cross-tabulated goal achievement against the year projects started and against the improvement team leader's sex, and calculated the proportion of projects with goal achievement >50 percent. On the assumption that these QI projects could be...

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