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Here are the questions to be answered for the Take Home portion of the Midterm Exam. This assignment is due on Friday, February 28, 2014. Use the Midterm Dataset to answer the questions. Please include all SAS code and output for full credit. You may not receive any help for anyone for this assignment, but you may refer to books, manuals, etc.

1) Create a 99% for the difference of the means of the variable WAR (wins above replacement) for those players who did not make the playoffs compared to those players who made the playoffs. Based on this interval, could you make the conclusion that the players who made the playoffs had a higher mean WAR than those who did not make the playoffs? Explain.

2) Create a 90% confidence interval for the percent of players who were considered to be outfielders. For position players, 37.5% of position players on the field are outfielders. Based on the sample provided, explain why this is (is not) a good estimate for the percentage of players who are outfielders.

3) Using hypothesis testing, explain if there is enough evidence at the 5% level of significance to say that the mean number of homeruns (HR) is less than 25.

4) At the 2% level of significance, is there any evidence to support the claim an individual’s batting average in September is going to be less than his batting average in April. Explain your answer.

5) Create a new variable called “TeamPlayer” where the variable has the value “Yes” if the player has more than 80 runs batted in (RBI) and has the value of “No” if not. Is there a difference in the percent of players in each league who are considered to be a “TeamPlayer”? Use a 5% level of significance and explain your...

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