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I fully support Jessica Statsky’s stance in her article, “Children Need to Play, Not Compete.” I personally feel that children in today’s society are being emotionally damaged by high expectations of elders on the playing field. I can remember numerous times from when I was a child playing “pop warner” football in the south of being told to hit harder to hurt other players. At age ten I played for a coach that had specific plays intended to either injure the kicker of the opposing team or code words to play dirty on the line of scrimmage. These situations really took all of the fun out of the game and caused players to choose other extracurricular activities the following season. Even as a huge sports fanatic I agree with Statsky’s thoughts when she states, “Before children are psychologically ready for competition, maybe we should emphasize cooperation and individual performance in team sports rather than winning.”
Children seek approval and praise from their elders on an everyday basis and when held to a high standard are not receiving this. I have seen numerous individuals upset with their children for coming in second place at a track meet or not making it to state at a wrestling tournament. These children are giving their all but being held to an adult or professional athlete standard. As soon as the whistle blows and the game begins, all fun and camaraderie go out the window. Jessica Statsky exclaims that, “Children are easily influenced, and when they sense that their competence and worth are based on their ability to live up to their parents’ and coaches’ high expectations-and on their ability to win-they can become discouraged and depressed.” I fully support this statement and believe it to be very true. Many children are becoming discouraged and depressed because of adult expectations. What happened to the love of the game and being able to...

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