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Status Report – Bu 2799 Business Management Capstone Project

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Status Report – BU 2799 Business Management Capstone Project
BU 2799: Business Management Capstone Project
Raymond Joseph (18598631)
Dr. Mitchell
ITT Technical Institute
23 February 2016
Status Report
John Deere (Deere & Company)
Company Background and Business Model
The items that I have completed for the Business Management Capstone Project as of February 23, 2016, include many components. First, I have included the name of the business that I will be discussing for the project. The name of the company that I will be discussing is John Deere. The company was founded almost 200 years ago (In 1837) in Moline, IL. The current CEO of the company is Samuel R. Allen. The current stock price for John Deere (Deere & Company) (NYSE: DE), as of 02/23/2016, is $77.14. The company specializes in producing lawn and garden care equipment. The specific items that are produced by John Deere are vast and diverse, and range from home garden equipment, including lawn mowers, tractors, equipment, to industrial equipment, which include excavators and bulldozers. The company currently has a loyalty and rewards program for John Deere customers that promotes company retention and loyalty. The loyalty rewards program is called the GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards Program. The new business model that I propose would be structured around an enhanced version of the current GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards.
Company Structure
Second, I discussed the John Deere’s company structure. John Deere is considered a corporation. The company is made up of many subsidiaries, as well. Some of the subsidiaries of John Deere include Nortrax, John Deere Landscapes, Inc., The Vapormatic Company, Lesco, Farm Plan Corporation, John Deere Bank SA, Banco John Deere SA, John Deere Agricultural Holdings, Inc., as well as many other subsidiary companies and holdings that are held by John Deere. John Deere also has a...

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