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Research Proposal
Status for Women of Color in Higher Education Academic Administrative Positions
By: Eddie R. Washington
National- Louis University




Although they are small in recognition women of color have strived hard to better the higher education system and opportunities afforded to women of colors and minorities as a whole. Yes over the past couple of decades African American women have been afforded a 60 percent increase in the number of faculty and an 80 percent increase in the amount of women administrators. Yes this is a huge percentage of change, but even with these advancement African American women still represent less than seven percent of the total percentage of administrators.
The women that do manage to break down the transparent barriers encounter countless problems throughout their career that Caucasian male or females or even African American males could even grasp. The careers of these heroines are often filled with unimaginable amounts of internal/external stressors, bouts of having to cope with being oppressed, seen as tokens or having to deal with racism and/or sexism, but yet they persevered. Through all of this they are still underappreciated, under compensated, and standing directly under the glass ceiling.
Throughout this study I will attempt to identify the stressors that these women often endure, identify coping strategies of those that made it, and bring the subject to the attention of the oppressors....

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