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ORC Ann. 2305.04
In a claim for adverse possession, the intent to possess another’s property is objective rather than subjective, and the legal requirement that possession be adverse is satisfied by clear and convincing evidence that for 21 years the claimant possessed property and treated it as the claimant’s own

To acquire title by adverse possession, a party must prove, by clear and convincing evidence, exclusive possession and open, notorious, continuous, and adverse use for a period of twenty-one years

The doctrine of adverse possession protects one who has honestly entered and held possession in the belief that the land was his own, as well as one who knowingly appropriates the land of others for the purpose of acquiring title

A grantee in a deed, who takes immediate and exclusive possession and control of a tract of land adjoining property conveyed by such deed, but which tract was omitted therefrom by mutual mistake, and who openly possesses and controls such tract of land continuously, exclusively and adversely for more than 21 years, becomes vested with title thereto

In a case of adverse possession, the statute of limitations is tolled and, thus, the chain of continuity is broken, when the true holders of title cause the disputed property to be surveyed and, subsequently, inform the adverse claimants, through an agent of the true holders of title, that the property in question in fact belongs to the true holders of title

Regardless of who erected the fence, the fact that a party treated the land on one side of the fence as his own for the requisite time period established the adverse possession claim by clear and convincing evidence

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