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Staying True to the Faithful

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to the Faithful
luxurious automobile company,
attracts a very rare breed of consumer who seeks not only a car but also a companion.
possesses the unique ability to cultivate a bond between car and driver that surpasses nearly every other auto company today. However, in 1970,
unintentionally damaged its relationship with its highly exclusive loyalists through foul judgment, and until very recently, has been fighting to salvage its tarnished image. The company’s misfortune illustrates the complexity of brand building and consumer decision making as well as the importance of understanding consumer behavior. STAYING TRUE TO THE FAITHFUL
to the Faithful
and understanding Porsche consumers is a complicated task that not even the company has yet to master.
have proven to be independent, exceedingly hard working individuals who set very high expectations of themselves. They are most certainly not thrifty, but they expect their expensive purchases to be backed by exceptionally high quality.
have observed first hand the thought process that is put into buying a
because my father purchased one about ten years ago.
appreciated the aggressive, directness of a car that delivers everything it promises, and did not see the vehicle as a pack mule whose central purpose was utility.
buyers, my father saw himself in the car. A former CEO of Porsche remarked, “If you really want to understand our customers you have to understand the

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