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Is Embryonic Stem Cell Research Humane?
Melvin Hart
ITT Technical Institute

Is Embryonic Stem Cell Research Humane? Stem cells are primitive cells with the capacity to divide and create more identical stem cells, or to specialize and form specific cells. “Embryonic stem cells” which can only be derived from embryos that is still in the womb. They also have the ability to form cells of all tissues of an adult. So they can be manipulated to create new body parts for any human. This research can help with many new and exciting fields in medicine. HES cells are derived from the ‘inner cell mass’ of human embryos that develop in culture in 5 days of fertilization. It does not contain Extra embryonic tissue, which is needed for complete human development, which develop things such as the placenta and membranes of the fetus. So they cannot create a complete new individual in any way shape or form. Just spare parts for a lack of better words. This is why this research is so controversial to almost everyone who knows anything about it. Even the scientist who first discovered this technic have argued about it being just as controversial as abortion because you have to have a fertilized fetus to obtain the cells needed to do this process. So it touches an issue that has been around for years. When does life really start? When an egg is fertilized or when the mother has given birth? Or once the fetus has developed a brain? Really tough question, however I don’t believe it’s that deep of a question, and I will explain why. The most important potential use of hES cells is in transplantation medicine, where they could be used to develop cell replacement therapies that will help cure many diseases and give people new outlooks on life. Like war veterans that lost an eye, leg, or arm. This represents the real potential area and it is the ethics of…...

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