Steps in the Medical Billing Process

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Annette Callen


I am writing this paper to discuss the ten steps of medical billing. The ten step process consist of patient preregister, establish financial responsibility for visits, check in patients, check out patients, review coding compliance, check billing compliance, prepare and transmit claims, monitor payer adjudication, generate patient statements and follow up patient payments and handle collections. These steps are under three categories these categories are visit, claim and post-claim; throughout this paper I will explain each of these ten steps.

The first category is visit; step one of visit is preregister patients. This step usually involves the clerks at the front desk or nurses depending on the size and location of the health center. The clerks are responsible for checking in patients, scheduling appointments and making appointment reminder calls. The clerks are also responsible for collecting the patient personal and payer information. Step two is establishing financial responsibility for the health visit. This step is where the clerks will collect the payer insurance information, set up a payment plan, and let the nurses and doctors know what is covered by the insurance company such as treatments, testing and medications. If the patient does not have medical insurance then the clerks need to determine if the patient needs to be on a payment plan or if they can pay for the service in one payment. Most health facilities require the patient show proof of who is responsible for the bill for the service they are going to receive. Step three for this category is check in patients, this is also done by the front desk. When a patient enters the health clinic the clerks will make sure they have the correct patient by having the patient identify them self. The front desk will make sure…...