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Steps to Mm Pricing

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Steps for MM Pricing Procedures
Can anyone please help me on the Pricing Procedures? I have read it many times but fail to understand.
Pricing Procedure:
In MM module, pricing procedure is used during RFQ and PO creation. Total value of material based on all addition and subtraction like discount, surcharge, tax, freight, etc. In this we are defining pricing procedure and linking to vendor and purchase department through the virtual schemas.
Following steps for pricing procedure as,

1. Define conditions.
2. Define pricing procedure.
3. Define virtual purchase organization and vendor.
4. Info Record.
Customization for Pricing Procedure :
1. Definition of Conditions :
/NMEK0---condition type…condition types--- definition (define for basic price, net price, discount, surcharge, tax etc.)
2. Defining pricing procedure :
/NMEK0--- calculation schema---calculation schemas—New entries (Define procedure and put the conditions like formula so that final price will be net price / total value as per company requirement)
3. Linking pricing procedure to independent condition types.
/NMEK0---condition type…condition types--- definition for position for defined conditions (Enter the defined pricing procedure in the each independent conditions “Pricing Procedure” box)
4. Defining Schema group for Vendor:
/NMEK0--- calculation schema---schema groups—vendor—New Entries.
5. Defining Schema group for Purchase Organization--- New entries.
/NMEK0--- calculation schema--- schema groups---- purchasing organization--- new entries.
6. Linking Virtual Purchase Organization to actual Purchase Organization.
/NMEK0--- calculation schema--- schema groups----- Assign P.Org. (in actual P.Org, enter virtual P.Org)
7. Linking Pricing procedure to virtual P.Org and virtual vendor :
/NMEK0--- calculation schema--- Determine Schema--- -Standard --- New entries (Enter virtual schema and P.Org. along…...

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