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Two story plots from famous shows today can really show how our society looks at different races. Stereotypes can be seen very well in particularly “Everybody Hates Chris” and “George Lopez.” In both of this series, the writers make it a huge focus on how stereotypes are given to people with a certain race. Both shows I will analyze to show the positive and negative stereo types that are shown.
Everybody Hates Chris is a show that many ethnic groups can connect and relate to. The show is about an African American 13 year old that lives in the projects of New York City. After leaving their old house, the family moves to the “nicer” side of Bed Stuy during a crack epidemic. Instead of going to his local high school, his parents force him to go an all-white high school in the safer part of the city. Chris doesn’t want to go because he will be the only black kid and doesn’t know anybody at the school. During the first day of school Chris is walking down the hallway when a white classmate steps on his shoes and knocks over his textbooks. Next the classmate insults Chris by saying “nice shoes bojangles” and Chris immediately replies “Bojangles? , that’s not what your mother was calling me when I was tap dancing in her pants last night .” The crowd around them gasps in shock and the classmate instantly lands a punch on Chris right in the stomach and falls on the principle. Right after he falls, the principal suspends Chris from school for fighting (Rock, 2012).
Another show that all races can relate to is the popular George Lopez Show. The show is about a family orientated Latino man who worked in an air plane parts factory for 15 years and just got promoted to manager. Before being promoted to manager he used to work on the line (conveyer belt) and would constantly make fun and make threats behind the managers back. Now that George has become…...