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Steriods in Sports

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Steroids in Sports

Should athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs in order to improve their performance? Steroid usage in sports has long been a real big issue for many athletes both professional and amateur. Steroids are not allowed in any sport however; some athletes do take the chance by using performance-enhancing drugs in order to increase the chances of a successful outcome in a competition. Many athletes have been banned from participating in certain sports because they were convicted of taking steroids. In light of this, one can only wonder how many top athletes have won events due to the use of steroids. There are many sides to the debate of whether or not athletes should be able to use steroids. Despite health reasons there are quite a few people who do believe that athletes should be allowed to use performance- enhancers. On the other hand, there are those who believe that steroids should not be used.

First, in the current sports arena , professional athletes are known to have well paid salaries and because steroids have the potential to improve performances and to heal injuries, it is not surprising that research activities have been enhanced to develop better and acceptable alternatives for testosterone. The Germans had started taking steroids during the 1960s in order

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to improve their performance in sports. Dr. Manfred Hoeppner had recommended in his 1968 report to the East German government that athletes should be administered...

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