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Steve and the Counselor

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Counselor has just started the school year, to his surprise he gets a visit from a student who appears to be having problems sleeping. The counselor quickly assets without assessing the student. As the counselor sat down a learned more about the student’s situation and concerns. Steve the student was struggling with several issues one being a new student so far away from home for the first time made Steve nervous and causing him to lose sleep, Steve also had obvious signs of medical issues. Steve expressed feeling nervous about being far away from home for the first time. After many attempts by doctors and staff members get him to accept his limitations and very clear as to what he would be able to do and not do Steve decide to take the longer difficult path to recovery and accomplishing his life time life and educational goals. Steve felt he only had one option at becoming normal which was overcoming the obstacles many had said he would never do again.
After meeting with Steve a few times I feel the counselor learned and understood more about Steve and his everyday struggles with physical impairments. I feel the counselor learned that although he is the counselor clients/students have the ability and power to change his view point and perception. One should never take someone’s visual appearance at face value. As the counselor counsels and gives advice he/she is also receiving a great influence them self. The counselor/student relationship in this case started out as the counselor believing he was only providing a service but in return they both learned something. Steve was able to share his story with the counselor which allowed the counselor to view over life in a different perspective. As students enter the office for counseling counselors must remember to keep an open mind and know and understand everyone has a story and every student and every story has…...

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