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Steve Job Purpose Statement

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One sunny morning in 2005 while reading the newspaper, suddenly an article captured my attention. It was the Stanford Commencement Speech of Steve Job. The narration of Steve job’s life in three stories inspired me so much that I wanted to learn building user-friendly computers and work in the Silicon Valley. Eventually, when I was taught about computer operations in my school, I had an intuitive feeling that I wanted to be a computer scientist. Consequently, the hunch and evasiveness led me to study Computer Science and Engineering.
In my junior year, I found out the field of the computer that interests me the most- computer security. While studying the Computer Networks course, I lost counts of hours studying different
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Under the supervision of Dr. A.K.M. Ashikur Rahman, my team proposed pure, hybrid and greedy target oriented K-coverage approaches for visual sensor networks. In the thesis, at one stage our code would not provide desired results inspite of our faultless algorithm. The joy that we felt when we could debug our program and our results were satisfactory, were beyond expression. The experience of thesis led to my confidence that I am capable of continuing research in the future as well. Currently, I am working with my team for “Mobile Ad-hoc Networks” course at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology on “ECG Signal Based Biometric Authentication”. Besides, my current profession as a lecturer in a reputed university, demands research to continue and strive.
I know time-management is the key to survive in the graduate program. I was associated with our university's Women's club "BWCSE" (Bangladeshi Women in CSE) as the Vice President where my activities constituted of mentoring students for poster sessions, arranging workshops etc. This involvement taught me how to manage my time between club activities, research, and academics.
After completing my PhD, I plan to return to my homeland and join the industry as a researcher working in R&D department or a faculty member of a University. Cyber Security is a very important issue for the economy of my country. To acquire
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The work of the faculty members Dr. Yinzhi Cao and Dr. Liang Cheng matched with my research interests. Going through the website of Dr. Cao, I was fascinated to learn how different users could be monitored from one or more browser on the same machine from the publication “(Cross-) Browser Fingerprinting via OS and Hardware Level Features”. Dr. Cheng’s research on usefulness of different prevailing brain wave techniques in identity recognition, security issues and proposition of new brain wave techniques inspired me. I want to work on such projects that help analyze the environment around us for better

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