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Steve Jobs Level 7

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Research Methodology………………………..
Literature Review………………….……………07-07
Learning Outcome 1…………………………...08-08
TASK # 01…………….……………………………13-14
Learning Outcome 2……………………………15-16
TASK # 02………….…………………………..…17-23
TASK # 03…………………………………..….….24-36

First of all, I would say thanks to my Almighty Allah who has given me the strength to complete the assignment. I would like to thanks to all those people who have helped me in making this report. I am thankful for their kind co-operation to the completion of my project work. Last but not least I wish to avail myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to my friends and my beloved parents for their manual support, strength, and help and for everything.
I sincerely thanks to my supervisor Sir. Zeeshan Gulfam, who has helped me in this regard and encouraged me to carry out this project,.

Research Methodology
There was a need of collecting the data regarding to unit “Developing Strategic Management and Leadership skills”, on the topic of “Being Apple, Steve jobs”. For this purpose, I have collected the data by watching different videos and reading different books, magazine, articles and different websites.

Literature Review
This assignment of the unit “Developing Strategic Management and Leadership skills” on the topic of “Being Apple, Steve job”, and all of us we know that it is the era of competition and only competitive managers can lead the organisation successful. Here we discuss Steve Jobs, his professional expertise and leadership and management qualities. If organisations do not set any assessment criteria, then it is very tuff for an organisation to compete. Strategic Managers must have enough skills and quality to lead an organisation.
By doing this...

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