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Jake- Take a look at this poor young manager. His awareness his emotions as well as the emotions of others doesn’t exist. He’s grumpy and incapable of generating enthusiasm or interest in his co-workers. He doesn’t understand why his employees always get mad at him. He over reacts all the time, and says things that hurt people’s feelings. Although none of this is done on purpose, it has become a huge problem within the company. It is because his emotional intelligence is very low. Emotional intelligence is the ability to be self aware (recognizing emotions), detect emotions in others and manage emotional que’s. Andrew just got in a huge fight with his employee and co-worker Susan.

Andrew- Why is she so mad at me!!?

Jake- Susan came to Andrew this morning to tell him a very important piece of information. Susan’s mom just passed away and she came to ask Andrew for the rest of the day off. All Andrew could think to say was, “As long as you finish all of your work, I could care less… Let’s see what ensued.

Andrew- Why did Susan just quit? It’s not my fault her mommy just died. I swear she liked working here. What happened? Could it have been something I said?..... Nooooo…. Hmmm….. How can I figure out what would have been the best thing to say? I wonder what Steve Jobs would do. I wonder if there’s an app for that?


Andrew- Sweet, Steve Jobs App!!!! So I see here that Steve Jobs had high self-awareness with regards to his strengths but not as much with his weaknesses. He had the ability to motivate other people to do things that they did not think were possible. Jobs inability to self-manage was seen in the people that worked under him who often described him as a tyrannical leader. His low self-awareness and inability to self- manage indicate that he was unable and unwilling to make any attempt to understand the feelings of others. Fear and anger were often a primary means of communication between Jobs and his employees and the fact that he often reduced them to tears did not bother him. Wow, I guess I’m just like Steve Jobs. I can’t self manage myself, and I’m constantly hurting other people’s feelings. I need to increase my awareness of others people’s feelings, and I need to work on managing my own emotions as well.

Jake- Now that Andrew downloaded the “What would jobs do app” hopefully he can figure out what he is doing wrong as a leader, and maybe tweak his emotional intelligence not only for the good of the company, but for his employees.

Jake- Alright ladies and gentlemen, here we have Delany Steele. She is head of the marketing department here at Apple. She has been facing a pretty big problem for the past six months, and she doesn’t know what to do. Her team is composed of bright minded individuals, arguably some of the smartest and creative individuals in the industry, but they are underperforming and de-motivated. Delany is following everything her manager is telling her to do, and relaying the messages back to employees, but they aren’t measuring up to the standards of company policy. She doesn’t know what to do, and if she doesn’t figure something out soon, she won’t have a job for much longer.

Delany- What’s wrong with my employees. They are all so bored. I tell them what they have to do, and then they just can’t do it. All of their ads and commercials are boring. I tell them to be creative, but they give me the excuse that they don’t have enough money or time to give me what I want. I wonder what Jobs would do?? I wonder if there’s an app for that.


Delany- Sweet!!! Steve Jobs app!! He’s so hot  I love his turtlenecks ;) Hmmm…. I wonder what kind of leader Steve Jobs was. He was so successful at Apple after all. So I see here that he was a Transformational leader. He had the ability to inspire his followers to transcend their own self-interests for the good of the organization and are capable of having a profound and extraordinary effect on their followers. He is so creative, but the main reason he’s so effective in leading his team is because he encourages his co-workers to put out extra effort to achieve group goals. Maybe I can use this information and turn my marketing team around. I just need to inspire them to create their own ideas.

Jake- Now that Delany knows just how to inspire her employees, maybe she can turn her team around and make Apple even more money to add to the billions of dollars they have sitting in the bank. Let’s take a look at our final employee for today. Here we have Matt who is a struggling business student looking for a mentor

Andrew- Dude, who’s your role model?

Matt- I don’t know, probably Iron man

Andrew- Seriously man, it’s the 21st century, get it together

Matt- Okay, who should be my role model then?

Andrew- I don’t know but I’m sure there’s an app for that.


Matt- Sweet! Steve Jobs app!!! Let’s see, sis attention to detail and passion for achieving the best possible results carried through to all aspects of the Apple organization. As a leader, Jobs illustrated the importance of personal initiative and perseverance. He was a hard worker and he always followed his passions in life. I can do this; I can finish school and get my degree. Steve Jobs has motivated me to keep on pushing and persevere.

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