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Still Life Demographic Research

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There are so many options and ideas around photography in advertising, I love a challenge and during my research I came across the idea to photograph gemstones.

Fire and brilliance are two categories under which we would find gems stones and diamonds. Optical gemology is the identifications term used to describe the characteristics of the color, transparency and sheen of these breathtaking stones. The lusters and quality of light that reflects from the surface of a stone, observing the transparency of a gem or diamond would depend on the amount of light that penetrates through the stones and this has an effect on the chemical and crystalline, that is how the reflecting of the colors are lightened up.

The key to success with this
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A controlled light and balanced light will create even tones and dimension, through my experience if I want to make a statement in my photo I will have to use a harder hand held light. ( something I control myself …show more content…
This still life project exists of a small group of different objects, and can be categorized as an abstract experiment. I am aiming for a more dramatic ambience and I think it will complement the subject matter. A good depth of field should give the images a significant look.

Light is one of the key roles in still life photography, it is important to control light to avoid flat images, a white fill card could come in handy to bounce light into shadow areas and also to smooth some highlighted areas, I will use a black card from time to time to control the overexposed areas in the scene. A controlled light and balanced light will create even tones and dimension, through my experience if I want to make a statement in my photo I will have to use a harder hand held light. ( something I control myself )

My plan for this still life project is to use limited props, at the end, I need to create a story with my subject, the image has to be filled in, It is important that the props don't become a distraction to the focal point. I will work with a clean setup to pay close attention to my subject matter “gem stones”. I will keep the style simple.


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