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Stolen to Order on the Net

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Stolen to order on the net
Olivia Thomsen 2.b • In this essay you are supposed to give a brief resume of the article and a discussion of causes (answering the whys) and cures (what to do in your opinion or according to the article).

We hear a lot about married couples, who buys children over the internet. Some of these poor children come from poor countries. The couples who travel to America to pick up the child they’ve bought, gets the child from poor women who’s given birth to the child in a hospital. Some of these girls and women can’t even pay their hospital bills because they are so poor.
In the article “Stolen to order on the net” we hear about a fourteen-year-old girl from a poor area in Mexico, she gives birth to a baby boy. The nurse tells Ceballos (the 14-yeard old mother) that her baby is dead and that she may not see him. Ceballos almost gets kicked out from the hospital because the hospital needs her bed. But Ceballos and her brothers finds the baby boy and discover that it isn’t dead and they take him home with them. The hospital lied to Ceballos and stole the child right after she had given birth to it, their intention was to sell it because a couple had ordered a child from the hospital, these situations are seen in many countries all over the world.
The children are taken from their mothers with all kind of tricks and sometimes with force. When couples, like the one who took away Ceballos baby, are taking a child home with them, they can get the papers on the child which are included when they buy the child. Corrupted lawyers, who work together with the hospitals, produce these papers.

I think it’s a disgusting thing that you can order a child, get someone to steal it from his or her biological mother, this is the worst kind of trafficking according to my opinion. A newborn baby is so helpless, and the child will grow up with parents,...

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