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Charming Charlie

In Barboursville W.V Huntington Mall ,Charming Charlie's is a store that came on the scene particularly faster than most independent jewelry stores. The store provides jewelry not seen around in the area and quit an abundance of it. The one things most people like about Charming Charlie, is the amount of jewelry and every color available to your liking. Also something that the store offers are shoes and purses not like most shoes and purses throughout the mall. When you walk into the store they have each piece of jewelry color coordinated and sectioned off in areas throughout the store. The store itself is one of the larger stores in the mall, it's very difficult not to notice when walking by, the colors are very vibrant with reds, yellows, blues and pinks all year around regardless of season. The music they play in the store is very contemporary but played in a lower sound than most stores not being too distracting. They display signs on the windows when they are having a sale of any type. The salespeople that work in the store wear their own style of clothing but jewelry from head to toe.

One of the things I believe that would help Charming Charlie's is not so much the appearance of the store but the sale consultants of the establishment. One thing I notice was it took a few minutes, if not ten minutes to respond to me as I was looking through the store . When the sales consultant finally notices me they were placing items on the shelf and ask if I needed help. I responded by saying" I needed help finding jewelry of the color red". She never placed what she was holding in her hand down to take me to that section, just pointing to area and saying if I needed more help just to ask.

One of the things about Charming Charlie is that it is so big and when walking in, it can be overwhelming for some people. Having a consultants there upfront...

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