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The devil
It was in the late morning on a spring day. The bazaar had landed at the city and my father and his sister, my auntie, went to look at it. There are dependably bunches of excellent ladies at these voyaging fairs, yet my father needed to see the oddity shows. My father was constantly intrigued with the flexible man, the dairy animals with two heads, the singing chicken and the various irregular attractions these shows give.
This time it was somewhat dissatisfaction. There were the ordinary presentations, however only old news new and a rate of the shows were obviously fake. At any rate they met two young people and were getting readied to go hear some unrecorded music when they ran into a short, stubby man wearing a dinner cover who started speaking with them.
This pariah displayed himself and started examining the hulk shows. By then he raised his arm and yelled he was the best illusionist on the planet. He said he had a trap that was both alarming and surprising. My father asked in the matter of whether he was a bit of the bazaar. The man said he auditioned for work; however the supervisor turned him down. My father approached him for what great reason. The man said his showing was so startling the holder rebuked him for being the miscreant.
In no time my father and uncle were spellbound. They asked with reference to whether they could see the trap. The man said clearly, nonetheless they would need to go to the trailer where he exists. There he would uncover to them. The man said his trailer was not far away.
My father, my auntie, and the two young ladies took after the more abnormal until they touched base at the more odd's spot. There were a couple of steps making ready to the front portal. The man exhibited to them in and my father and association sat on a lounge chair. The trailer was an average size and well kept.
In the wake of turning up…...

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...Sea Story There are two sides to love, love can bring people together and break some apart. This story is a good example of how this can happen. ‘Sea Story* is written by A.S. Bayatt and it is from 2012. The story takes place mainly east of Yorkshire in Oxford. However the story takes place on oceans that cover the world. We follow Harold in his poetic ways. The main character Harold was conceived close to the sea and was taken care by his parents. We get to know that the parents love the ocean and marine life. Harold’s mother was an English teacher and author of ‘Fierce little poems about the waves and weather’. His father was an oceanograph, just like his father before him. Harold’s love for the ocean is not the same as his parents, although he cares for it, he decides on living on the land to study. Laura is an opposite of Harold. Harold describes her as a seal, and a sea goddess that arises from the deep ocean, who comes and takes Harold’s heart away. While the two are opposites of each other, they are incomplete without each other. She is the ocean while he is the land, while she is in the ocean, studying eels; Harold sits by the shore studying English literature. This is also how they meat for the first time. It was by Harold’s boat where they saw each other for the first, but not the last. They were almost made to fall in love and be together. Time goes by and Harold sends letter to her, where she has moved to in the Caribbean. Laura does not get the...

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...The Crucible The Crucible A story where people get accused of witchcraft for no apparent reason but just bad luck or bad timing. Ever wonder Who John Proctor Really Is? Was he a good man or a man of Guilt? The Crucible, a twisted tale filled with innocent lives wronged from the town court in Salem, Massachusetts’s was written by Arthur Miller. John Proctor was a farmer in his mid-thirties. John Proctor was a man of many ways, people of Salem feared him, and he wanted to be an even-tempered and even courage's. John was a feared man in Salem No one dared to cross him. John P. was also an honest man and he kept his word. Mary Warren Act II “(I am sick, I am sick Mr. Proctor, pray, pray hurt me not)”. Mary Warren was afraid and had to come up with an excuse to not get whipped. Whipping in this time was a common thing, like if a child misbehaved Whipping was the thing to do. Towards the end John P. was accused of witchcraft. It affected the story big, no one could even think about accusing something of this kind. You had to have high power to disrespect him or even do it in public like Mary Warren did at the end. John Proctor wants to be an even-tempered man but he's a very frustrated man. He doesn’t want to get mad easily but can’t help it. Balls up in the worst situation because he doesn’t know what to do. When John was accused he busted out in Court Calling Abigail “(a whore and not to be trusted)”. One other way he acted out was when he was supposed to give up...

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