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The Creepy Night
By Bling Dog

The night was cold and windy. The moon was a full moon tonight. The trees looked haunted and scary with their big shadows. The sky was completely pitch black. There was a haunted house. It had a purplish-blackish roof. The house was painted completely pitch black. The door was an indigo color. The lights were out, but the chimney was puffing out black puffy smoke. On the roof there were some very scary looking bats. They even looked real. On the front door there was a skeleton, and it kept on repeating, "Don't enter! Save Your Soul!" There were vines and plants growing over the haunted house. On a windowsill there was even a fake Chucky. When I started walking up to the door I felt like I was going to explode! I was so freaked out. I started sweating and started to shake. I was there, all alone. I wanted to scream, but it wouldn't come out. I was getting more freaked out by every step. I actually felt like I should turn back and run. But,

the haunted house made me feel sort of drawn to it. A bat flew overhead and shrieked "eek!" I went to the doorknob and reached for it. It felt slimy and gooey. I looked and saw it had red stuff on it. I took the red stuff off my hand and then the doorknob. I felt the doorknob and it felt like soft wood. It was a dark maroon color and looked big compared to my little hand. When I opened the door it creaked louder and louder until I finally opened it the whole way. In the inside I smelled something burning. I saw spiders and cobwebs and dust. The light bulb was very dim. I wanted to turn back but I was drawn to it. I walked to the stairs and went up the stairs. I heard a washing machine somewhere. Every time I took a step the floor creaked. I heard owls, bats, and mice when I went up the stairs. All of a sudden, a zombie jumped in front of me. She took off the mask and my friend asked "Hey! Can I come to your house afterwards?" I said, "Yes." She went off somewhere. I looked around. There was nothing up here. I rushed downstairs and there she was. So, we ran to my house and when I was watching TV later that night I thought, no more going into haunted houses!

The House of Screams
By Cbot

"Charlie, are you almost done? You're taking up the whole night!" I said. "Just a minute, let me get my bag!" Charlie yelled, as he was coming down the stairs. "Mom, we'll be back by three 'o'clock,” I exclaimed. I took my bag and ran out of the house. "Where are we going again?" asked Charlie, a little nervously. "To the only haunted house in town," I answered. It was a dark night, the trees were ruffling in the wind, and wolves were howling spookily. The haunted house in front of us was black with a raspberry bush right next to it. In red paint on the wall next to the door was written "Watch Out!" Lightning struck and lit up the house. Scary booing came out of nowhere. The three-story building had a porch, and a cracked fence, and a chimney coming down slowly. The windows were all broken with blood coming down the windowsill. I approached the front door with Charlie. We were feeling one hundred percent scared. I don't know about Charlie, but I thought he might flee in like a minute or two. My heart was beating very fast. A bat flew over Charlie and I, and it made a light scratching sound over and over again.

My hand touched the doorknob, and it felt very cold, almost like nobody ever touched it. The doorknob was gold with a lot of stains on it and dirt. When I opened the door it made a loud scratching sound. Charlie and I walked inside and we were freaked out. There were pictures of famous people with knives and blood coming down on them. There was a staircase with cobwebs all over it. There were old candles with spiders all over them. I could see a hallway that lead to the living room. The scent of the house smelled like dead people. I still heard the strange booing sound coming out of nowhere. I walked up the stairs with Charlie. I tried to grab a torch on the wall, but it was actually a lever, and it made the stairs steep. Charlie slipped and fell into a pit. I was holding on to the lever so I wouldn't fall. Charlie fell in the pit and all I heard was Charlie yelling for help. I knew Charlie was in trouble, so I tried pulling the torch up so Charlie could get out but it wouldn’t budge. My heart was telling me to go back but I couldn’t, I just keep on climbing. When I got to the second floor, I heard an owl hooting and the tree's ruffling and I felt the wind coming in, creating a cold breeze. All of a sudden I heard a big crash in one of the bedrooms and over twenty monsters came rushing at me. If Charlie were here, he would probably have had a heart attack by then. Zombies and Frankensteins were all chasing me. I rushed down stairs and tried to get out. I felt great finally getting out of that dump. When I got out of the house, it was beginning to fall apart. I ran farther so none of the bricks fell on me. When I looked back, I could see bricks all piled on top of each other. I bet Charlie would have heard the big crash. I ran home and told my mom everything that happened, she got mad at me that Charlie wasn't with me when I came back. She grounded me for two weeks, and now I'm in my room thinking about everything that happened.

The Death House
There was a death house. The death house had dark black paint ripped off. There was a sign that said "Beware" in red paint. It looked like blood to me. Every time the wind blew the door slammed. I could see the fat wood steps, and then I heard "get out of here". I had the goosebumps. Talking about goosebumps reminds me of the books, they seemed so real. I was terrified. I was going up the outside stairs, when I saw a cat hissing at me. It seemed to say "I wouldn't go in there if I was you!" I wanted to leave, and stay. As I was about to touch the knob, I thought about the person who had once lived here, but I didn't care. When I touched the doorknob it felt like slimy goo and dead flies. It was bad, man. When I opened the door, my heart started to race a mile a minute. I knew I was scared. It smelled like dead rats or poop inside the death house. I saw a hand that looked like Frankenstein. It was like a vampire lived in this house and zombies. I felt like I wasn't alone. I heard a chunk of wood come from upstairs. I wanted to see what it was, so I walked upstairs. I felt a vampire breathing on me, but I didn't pay attention. Finally, I was upstairs. Water was leaking from the ceiling. I could hear a wolf howling, and an owl hooting. Suddenly, I saw a blur across the room. ZAP! Zoom! The stairs broke off. I saw a vampire saying "I'm so thirsty" repeatedly. I saw zombies and a mummy, I think. I turned and took seven steps back and ran and jumped. I landed in an old closet. I felt light - headed from running. And then I fell out a window. It wasn't a closet. I was free. I was about to run until I heard growling. I turned. It was a wolf growling. It jumped on me and said, "Welcome to the Death House" and howled, then sank his fangs deep into my chest...

The Spooky House
By Clay52

It was windy and wolves were howling. The house was on a big hill and it was crooked. The lights were going off and on. When I went to the door, the handle was shaped like a skull. I opened the door. When I walked in it was scary. There was lots of glass scattered everywhere. When I went up stairs the wood squeaked and some stairs were broken. I made it to the top. All of a sudden a ghost popped out and said " Hi". I screamed. I ran out of the house and fell off a cliff into a waterfall. I caught a branch but that didn’t work, so I fell into the river and swam to shore. I ran home and went into my bedroom and locked the door and stayed there all night.

Haunted House
By Ert

It was a night full of darkness and coldness on October 21, 1981 with a full moon and nothing in sight, except my two best friends, Shawn and Andreas. As we were walking, we saw a haunted house that made us stop in our tracks. It was a blackish-purplish house with no life. The house had very dark stains along the walls. We also saw that the house had no windows, no porch, with only one door. As we got closer to the door, I turned to my right, and I saw Andreas fading. Only me and Shawn were left. I felt the urge to get closer and the urge to get away. I knew we were so foolish for getting closer. Bats made a flap-aflap-a-flap sound as they flew by. I touched the doorknob. It felt SO cold. I opened the door with a creak. The outside was deceiving, because when I opened the door, I saw no light, several tables, and stairs. It also smelled like blood. When I went up the stairs with my one remaining friend, the stairs made a loud creak with each step we took. We got to the top and the stairs shifted so much to the left that we couldn't use them. I heard a werewolf howling with the wind. Nothing else. All of a sudden, I saw zombies moving toward us. We jumped down the space where the stairs used to be and bust out the door. Ten minutes later, I was relaxing at my friend's house. Just after my friend and I finished talking about some cool video game, I froze in horror. I saw a zombie behind my friend. I burst out the door hearing my friend scream and then... silence. I knew what happened to my friend, and there was no way I could get him back. THE END

Haunted House
Far, far away it was a very dark night. There were crows flying in the air. A couple blocks down the street there was a house. The color of the house was dark black. It was a very small but big house. There were pieces of wood on the ground that had fallen from the old house. There was a sign on the door. It said DO NOT DISTURB! The grass was dark brown. It was really dead! I started walking up to the house. The grass started growing tall. I got goose bumps! I SCREAMD! I said to myself, I am 12 I should not be scared! Then a window broke! I screamed as loud as I could! I kept walking up to the house. I heard a squeak...quiet...Then a group of bats flew over my head really low. It felt like they almost pulled my hair out, Owwwwwww! I was at the door. The doorknob was silver and cold. It shook in my hand. Then I twisted it! My heart felt like it stopped! When I opened the door I saw there was a human heart hanging on the ceiling I screamed AHHHHHHHHH. The room smelled like PICKLES! There was water dripping from the ceiling! When I walked up the stairs I heard clickety-clack. Then the house shook! There was a roar! I ran as fast as I could down the stairs and out of the house and walked home! THE END! By HL21

Werewolf Attack
By JumpinJ

Once I was walking in the woods. It was a clear and dark night. I could see a house up ahead. It was old and dirty. A wolf-like figure hallows in the tower. I walk up the stairs. The bats scatter as their screeches fill the air. My knees chatter as I reach for the doorknob. It feels cold and bloody. The door sounded like it was a million years old. The house is full of roaches and spiders. A lantern floats in mid-air. A grandfather clock strikes one o'clock. I climb the stairs. Rats scatter as I climb. The stairs creak. The second floor ceiling creeks as if something is on top of it. All of a sudden, a figure with a wolf’s head comes crashing through the ceiling. It is a Were-wolf! As I am leaving, I feel like I am being chased by two monsters. I turn to find the Were-wolf and the Headless horror. I run home and try to forget the whole thing. THE END

Haunted House by:Lucky12 It was a spooky night, a Halloween night. I went to a haunted house. It was full of bats, bones, webs, and graves. It had no lights inside. It was eight stories high. I felt the wind saying, "go now, go." I kept going. The wind said "idiot". The bats made a snoring sound with a squeal and flapping wings. A picture gose to the door knob. A scary goblin. The doorknob felt rough as I opened it. Then a creaky sound made me jump. Inside the house looked pitch black. It smelled very, very bad. The stairs creaked and I jumped to the top just in time. I heard frogs and crickets and howling. Then I heard a moaning sound, "Aaaahhhh." I ran. Something was chasing me. I ran to my house, to my room, and hid under the bed. All of a sudden it was just my friends pranking me. THE END

The Night House
"I have to go, sorry,” I said to Kloie. As I Ieft, I noticed it was a cold and dark night. The moon was shining through the trees. I took a short cut to my house over the hillside. As I was getting closer to my house, a house appeared out of nowhere. I had always heard people talk about this house before, but I never believed it. They called it the Night House. The Night House looked spooky. It had spider webs hanging from it. Spiders were crawling out of holes. I was walking up to the house, I felt scared and creeped out because it was too quiet, and also it was dark. Bats appeared and made a little screeching noise as they flew by me.

I was reaching for the doorknob, it felt cold and rusty like no one has ever lived there in a while. The sound of the door when I opened it was squeaky, and when I opened the door. The door slammed against the wall of the house. I walked inside, and the inside of the house looked abandoned. It smelled like a dead mouse and a spoiled pack of eggs. I decided to leave the door open a crack, as I walked in I saw something. In the living room it looked like a dead person is lying on a on a chair with a book on it's bones.

I heard a cry for help but no one was there. It seemed like it was coming from the wall by the bones. I saw a picture of an old lady and gentleman with a black cat behind them. I looked back at the bones again; the same cat was lying on the bones.

I walked to the stairs and I was half way up. The bottom part of the stairs was so creaky that I felt like they were going to break. I made it up to the second floor, and I saw one room that started to glow. I could see it, as I was getting closer. I heard a sound coming from the night. It sounded like a wolf howling at the moon or a little girl screaming, "HELP." As I heard that noise coming from outside, I was scared as a mouse. When I turned around all of a sudden a skeleton came out of the glowing door I froze in fear. If that was not bad enough, it started to walk toward me. I was really scared I started to gasp for air to scream. As I ran toward the stairs I tripped on my dumb shoelace and tumbled down the stairs. I didn't even think of looking back to see, I just ran out of the Night House.

I got out of the house I was so relieved -but breathing deeply. I fainted. As I woke up 5 minutes later, the house disappeared. I felt scared but I walked home for a good nights sleep. I woke up the next morning, and I saw the same picture I saw in the Night House. I asked my mom about it. My grandma and grandpa owned that house. Turns out 1,234 years ago, someone was doing an experiment and it went wrong. The guy got out in time but the chemicals made the house disappear and reappear. I went back one year later, and guess what, it appeared again. In the morning with the sun shining the Night House just looked like an old, wrecked house. I am in Girl Scouts, so for a community service I cleaned it up. It did not look like a scary house any more. THE END, OR IS IT?...... BY:Nemo 22

Dead House
By Potter78 It was a foggy night and everything was soaked from a storm that was passing by. Up on a hill was a house that seemed older than Earth itself. When I went toward the house, a chill shot up my spine and it felt like ants were crawling on my back. Then WHOOSH! Bats came swooping down. I heard flapping wings and it smelled terrible. When I touched the doorknob it was blazing hot like a fire on a camp out. I went in the house my hand scorched from the doorknob. I saw almost nothing, but I spotted a light upstairs. I ran upstairs and tripped! A large part of the stairs and dropped into the basement. I tiptoed upstairs careful so as not to trip again. Through an open window, I heard a wolf howl and the crush of footsteps getting louder! Not wanting to get caught, I dashed downstairs. Thunder shook the old house and parts of the roof came off! I bolted downstairs, but got caught in the broken stair. A large piece of the roof came off right above me! I struggled to get out. In five seconds I would be dead. Five, four, three... my foot came free! I got downstairs and out the door as the entire place crumbled. The police will be interested in this. I was so shocked all I could do was stand in the rain. From that day on, I never looked at that house again. I gave it the nickname Dead House.

Haunted House

By Silver T

The night is pitch black. The house is big. It has black bushes and it has a dog, but you only see it sometimes at the haunted house. I feel scared and terrified. I just want to run to my home because the house is haunted.

Someone has dared me to go up to the haunted house. I said no way I’m going to the haunted house. The sound the bats makes sounds like ‘eek, eek.’ The doorknob feels like your hand is hot and cold. The doorbell sounds like a voice saying, “turn back, if you don’t, you will be eliminated.”

The house inside smells like burning hair and it looks like it has a table moving, but you don’t see it. The couch is red, but it is blood.

I hear a voice whispering in my ear. The stairs sound like the wood is broken and a voice says, “I’m coming for you!” I was scared.

Then I saw a woman. I tried to ask her what was that sound. Then she said it is my big lion. She said, “He’s coming for you.” She grabbed her dress and disappeared. I reached the second floor and I heard a wolf howl with the wind. I was too scared to run down the stairs, and when I got there the stairs were broken. But I kept going. All of a sudden I saw a girl. She was cute, but her dress had blood and her face was crooked. I said to myself, I am going home because this house is frightening!

I remembered I left my earring in the haunted house, but I was glad I was out of the house. I’ll buy new earrings!

A Haunting Tale, or Is It?
One day, on a dark night, I was driving with my mom. She dropped me off somewhere. It was a dark and spooky night. And the owls were hooting and the wolves were howling. The stars were out; it was so cold on that day. It was pitch black, it blended in with the darkness of the night. There was an old haunted house. Windows were busted because of the strong wind. And the door was creaking. It kept on swaying back and forth, because of the wind blowing it. When I walked up to the door I was frightened. It creaked when I walked up to the swaying door. I almost threw up it was so disgusting. I heard the sounds of the bats and they shrieked “mere, mere, ere, mere, ere.” The doorknob felt gooey and very, very dirty. My mind was saying “ Don't you dare open that door!” I completely felt like I was going to pass out. The door creaked really loud and it hurt my ears. When I walked it was really scary. The stairs were made of broken wood. It was really weird because everything in that house was black. It creaked as I walked up the stairs. I looked into the master bedroom then I closed my eyes because of the darkness of the room. Spider webs were everywhere. I felt like I was in a nightmare. It smelt terrible, as if somebody threw up. I heard bats and there was water leaking from the ceiling. I heard that creaking sound again. An owl started hooting and the wolf howling. All of a sudden, I heard screeching. I ran out right away, I slammed the door so hard that the only window that actually was not broken BROKE! I was terrified! And I never came back again! I was so scared, the next day, I told my friends. They did not believe me. But one of my friends went into the house, and she disappeared. Now do you believe me? What would you say? By:Soccer13


It was a cold, foggy, starry night. The house looked like an abandoned house. It had spider's cobwebs, and bugs I had never seen before. There was a cup on the porch. I walked up the little walk way and up the steps. The house was boarded up. I kicked the door down. There was a door behind the boarded up thing. I felt scared and I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt like something in there was important. Then a dozen bats came out of nowhere. I heard them say eek, eek, eek as they passed by. I grabbed the doorknob; it was rough and smooth at the same time. It was slimy too. When I opened the door, it had a screech, and the bats were still there by my head, eek,eek,eek. When I went in I could not see anything. It was pitch-black. It smelled like old people-dead old people. THE END

The Haunted House
By Tbow

It was a dark and misty night a dog howled in the distance. The haunted house sat on the hill. The dark brick was cracked, windows were broken, trees were de-rooted, and the house was covered in weeds. Walking up to the house I was trembling I could feel the goose bumps on my arm like the bumps on a basketball. I felt like turning on my flash light but it would draw attention. The bats made an eerie screech, like telling me to get away. The doorknob felt like cold brass on my hand. When I opened the door it made a frightening squeak. Needs some WD40, I thought. The house smelled like dead people. Water was dripping -drip drop drip. I was heading up the stairs, then SNAP! A board from the stairs broke. All I heard was clank, clank, CLOP! When I was at the top of the stairs, it felt spooky. All of the sudden a guy in a robe with an ax yelled “GET OUT!!!,” and my light went dead. My heart racing, I jumped down most of the stairs, and tripped on the rest. I ran out the door and did not look back.

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Short Stories

...Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Young Goodman Brown” Goodman Brown was not asleep in this short story. As I read, I believed that Goodman did indeed meet the devil in the forest. If he had indeed dreamt about the trip he was sent on and meeting the devil, I think his nervousness would have been described in more detail then it was. Concentrating more on the anxiety he was feeling would have led the reader to believe that the events were not real. I also saw this story as an allegory. I saw the allegory after reading the story two times. I think it is centered on Goodman Brown having a bumpy past and that he wants to go beyond his past and reach heaven. The characters names also show the religious allegory in the story. The names Goodman and Faith are used and the characters are then soon faced with terrifying evil. I think that Goodman Brown and his wife, Faith’s names symbolize that they are good, religious people and that Goodman is making up everyone being evil in his head. I found an essay by Alexa Carlson that described the symbolism in light vs. dark, forest vs. town, nature vs. human, and fantasy vs. reality. In her paper, Essay #1: Young Goodman Brown, she states that “…fantasy vs. reality are employed to reinforce the idea that good and evil have been set up as strict categories into which no one, not even the religious figures of the community, fit neatly.” As she later writes, if Hawthorne was apprehensive about “what he considers right and wrong in terms of human behavior,......

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Short Stories

...During the past two weeks, our American Literature class has covered the short stories of The Fall of the House of Usher, The Minister’s Black Veil and Rappaccini’s Daughter. These poems/stories were constructed by two well-known authors: Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Each poem and story written by these two men contains an intricately, deep meaning. In fact, criticizers maintain the position that there are several meanings to these works, but this may never be known by anyone except the actual author. The author is the only individual who truly knows the real meaning behind the poem or story. Out of these three stories we read, I enjoyed The Fall of the House of Usher the most as it proved to be most interesting to me. The reason I enjoyed this work the most was due to the fact that I was transacting with the text in this poem, I was able to really understand why Poe utilized certain elements in it in order to help convey the work’s actual meaning. It also helped to raise logical questions about certain other aspects of the story. I did not feel I was able to do this as well with the other two stories as they did not flow as well to me as did The Fall of the House of Usher. Though the plot turned out to be quite unusual, I found it to be very interesting and out of the ordinary, which I seemed to like in this instance. The book ends with an unexpected surprise and by the fall of the house of course. The theme is really dark and mysterious, which made the book......

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The Theme of a Story

...The Theme of a Story Ace Ventura ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Roger Rabbit July 14, 2011 The Theme of a Story Throughout life a person can recall a memory that basically shaped their lives. Often they recount important events that made them into the person they were meant to be. The selection this week is about a memory of a 15 year old young woman that is shaped by something that happened to her while working for a doctor and his wife. She tells about the events when she was 15 that ironically led to the introduction of her eventual husband into her life. Clugston (2010) shows us that “we all filter our relationship to literature through our individual experiences” (Section 7.1, para. 4). In other words, personally, How I Met My Husband, by Alice Murno (1974), is written with the themes of love, heartbreak, and secrecy. Love is a common recurring theme throughout the story. Although love is a common theme in fiction, the type of love in this story is ignorant love. Edie is the main character of How I Met My Husband. Alice Murno sets the story in a first-person point of view. The reader captures the story from Edie’s viewpoint. Henry Baron tells us, “Edie is both eager for and rather innocent about romance” (Section The Story, para. 2). She is young and naïve to anything of love and intimate relationships. The connection she makes with Chris Watters and the eventual “intimacy” they share brings out the young innocent girl in her. Murno (1974) makes......

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The Story of an Hour

...The story of an hour Like many contemporary women living in the nineteenth century, Mrs. Mallard in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin bore social ties of traditional requirements. Under the strict control of social requirements, married women’s lives were formed around their husbands. They were happy with their husband’s happiness and sad with their husband’s depression. They were regarded as the properties of their husbands even in daily lives. Kate Chopin did not directly express women’s dependence, but the readers could realize this truth through the chaos in Mrs. Mallard’s mind. After her instinct reaction when hearing the news of Mr. Mallard’s death like “wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arms” (p.106), there was something a little bit hopeful and happy appearing in her feelings. Then, “she did not stop to ask if it were or were not a monstrous joy that held her” (p.107). For one moment she was afraid to allow herself to be joyful about her freedom "she was striving to beat it back with her will" (p.106). This showed us that Mrs. Mallard was a product of her time and was dependent on society rules. We often need a whole life to comprehend one person’s soul and desire. Though, sometimes, in only a while, we are able to realize some meanings of life. In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, in just one hour, Mrs. Mallard’s thought and feelings revealed profoundly the desire for freedom of women in the nineteenth century. Through only one......

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Short Stories

...The themes of short stories are often relevant to real life? To what extent do you agree with this view? In the short stories “Miss Brill” and “Frau Brechenmacher attends a wedding” written by Katherine Mansfield, the themes which are relevant to real life in Miss Brill are isolation and appearance versus reality. Likewise Frau Brechenmacher suffers through isolation throughout the story and also male dominance is one of the major themes that are highlighted in the story. These themes are relevant to real life as women are likely to suffer more in their life than men. In Miss Brill one of the central theme is isolation as Miss Brill is mentally isolated this is portrayed when she takes her fur out of the box which is symbolic of Miss Brill’s situation as she starts to have conversation “dear little thing it was nice to feel you again” this represents Miss Brill’s mental state, the way she shares her feeling with fur which is a object, highlights how desperate she seeks acceptance from person whom she can have conversation. This is significant when old couple do not have conversation with her at the park “disappointed Miss Brill as she looked forward for conversation”. This shows she is being rejected by people of her own age and also shows her egoistic behaviour as she expects the couple to have conversation with her. The theme isolation is relevant to real life as Mansfield uses Miss Brill to suggest reader that as human age they begin to feel emptiness in their......

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Story of an Hour

...The Story of an Hour In the short story, The Story of an Hour I was able to pull two main themes. Love and Alienation is depicted throughout the entire story. Not only is love the theme but romantic love. The first theme love is exemplified in more than one way. In the beginning of the story, it explains how Mrs. Mallard has heart troubles and that they try to break the news of her husbands death sequentially as possible. Stating “Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death.” (Chopin) The first sentence of the story automatically portrayed love; it was obvious she would take the new of husband harshly because she loved him. Upon hearing the news Mrs. Mallard had a “paralyzed inability to accept its significance.” (Chopin) The news hit Mrs. Mallard hard and she cried in her sister, Josephine, arms. After accepting the matter of circumstances, Mrs. Mallard left to be alone. This is where the alienation plays a part in the story. Instead of accepting the comfort of family and friend, she decided to be alone. Maybe this was her way of dealing with grief, being alone and silent was her best remedy. Sitting alone in a room consisting of a chair and a window, Mrs. Mallard sat there and continued to think about the event that just occurred. At first, it seemed as if Mrs. Mallard just needed alone time, but later on in the story it seems as if something is coming over her. She...

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How to Tell a War Story

...Richie Burner ENWR-106 How to Tell a True War Story 26 February, 2013 If you don’t know how to analyze writing and don’t understand metaphoric speaking then this is not a story for you. O’Brien constantly goes against every Americans thoughts of a war story; he tells the reader that they’re all fake. O’Brien believes war stories don’t actually have to do with people do with heroic things, because every solider is a hero. The average person who was not in combat would not get a true war story because no one has experienced what soldier’s experience. They have seen things and felt things emotionally that no other person will ever see or feel. A ex soldier out look on life is completely different than your average person because they are use to different life style. So all this boils down to one thing, no one will ever understand soldier’s and O’Brien uses “How to Tell a True War Story” to prove this. Through out the story O’Brien talks to the reader as if they don’t know anything. Although he has to approach the reader like this so he can thoroughly explain his point. Since no one understands a soldier’s life he has to write this way, the misunderstanding of soldiers is proven within the first page of the story when rat explains his friend to his sister in a letter that he sent her. “ Stainless steel balls, Rat tells her. The guy was a little crazy, for sure, but crazy in a good way, a real daredevil, because he liked the challenge of it, he liked testing him self,......

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