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Introduction i. Name of Company


ii. Company History

Ms. Sharon Banta Ramirez is the owner of FOLDS AND FRILLS. She is a 35 year old graduate of De La Salle University located in Dasmariñas, Cavite with a degree course of Bachelor of Science in Biology in year 2000. She took up some baking lessons under Henry Sison in Quezon City in year 2002. And then in 2006 while the business is growing she studied 1 year Culinary Course in International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management.
In 2003, the business started a simple bakery in 19 Aniban I, Bacoor, Cavite. At that time they only sell breads. And then few months later Ms. Sharon started to accept some cake and cupcakes orders.
In 2008, with a capital of Php 500,000.00, Ms. Sharon decided to expand her business with the help and support of his husband and his father. They close the bakery and decided to focus on their cake bakeshop. iii. Products of the Company

FOLD AND FRILLS products are cakes and cupcakes. All of their products are made to order and should be placed one (1) week before the event. Because they offer products that didn’t use any preservatives, they see to it that the qualities of their products are not taken into consideration. They baked the cake base a day before the event and put the icing or finishing touches of the cake on the day of the event.
For the cakes, they offer boiled icing and fondant icing cakes. The price of the cake varies from the request or special instruction of their clients. One example for this product is their boiled icing cake for which the picture is attach at the bottom.* it is a 9 x 3 “ round chiffon cake and the price is P 400.00

Figure1.1. Plain Round cake
Their other product is cupcake. They produce it in bulk order and the minimum quantity is thirty (30) pieces. The prices of the cupcake vary from the type of cupcake used and it also depends on the type of design of the cupcake. they have two type of cupcake, the first one is the cupcake with filling and the second one is the cupcake without filling. The starting price of cupcake without filling is P 15.00 while the cupcake with filling is P 17. 00.
They also offer lolli cake. Lolli cake is a styled cake made from moist cake and covered by fondant icing and topped with different toppers such as sprinkles. The minimum order is also thirty (30) pieces. The prices ranges from P 30 – 35. 00 depending on the design of the lolli cake.
All of their products can be picked up from their humble shop that is located 50 meters away from their home. They also deliver their finished product to the doors of their customers with a fee. If the location of the customer is within or near the Molino area, they charged the customer P 300.00. meanwhile, If the location of the customer is outside Cavite area, they charged the customer P 800 – 1000.00.

I. Executive Summary


III. Written Analysis IV. Attachments

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