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Stragic Plan 1

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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Sheldon Martin
Monday, Oct. 21, 2013
Matthias Mendezona

The business I chose is my own business which is I plan to open this website to the internet when it is more professional looking. My mission statement is to provide the most beautiful swimwear collection for men and women regardless of age, race, creed, sex, handicap or national origin. I would offer a wide variety swimming suits. I want this business to be from the customer’s perspective and not just all about me. My vision is to have every swimsuit that my customers of present and future have, so they can purchase it. I want my website to be global when I make it big. I want to have the most beautiful swimwear collection for men and women. I will strive to present a unique variety of design swimwear collections, which will provide our clients the opportunity to express their individualism. I want my collection to be cheaper than the department store prices. I want to provide customers a rewarding and entertaining shopping experience it is my overriding objective. I want to make your shopping experience with me more productive and entertaining for the customers. I want to deliver the best quality swimwear collection. I also want swimwear that shows the customer’s character. I want to be able inspire and enable people to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming. I want my business to become in the future the people of the world to buy from website because I show that I care about the customers and what they want so they can be a satisfied customer. I would create a website from the customer’s perspective. To set prices that are fair and affordable. I a plan to put keywords and a map site, so that would help out the customers more to get to their particular swimming suit that they want. I plan to deliver what customers want especially what they provide on my surveys and their feedback. I want to have happy customers and a profit but that will come in due time. I want to offer my assistance in helping out on picking the right swimwear for the customers when they contact me. I plan to do what my coach tells me to do and make sure everything is done because if I do not do it I feel that I will not make a profit from my perspective. I would like to have swimming suits that fit what country for all customers. I plan to make my company global once I have accomplish that principle. I can set up a milestone to achieve and be realistic about it. I will set up a target to make that can be realistic, objective and attainable. I will market and promote my stuff online. I will make business cards for my website. I will do what it takes to have the customers come to me. In my strategic direction I have to take a lot initiative to be successful. I must money in my budget to do some marketing and promoting. I will surveys and feedback on my website, so I would know what my customers are interested in. I must be able to communicate with my customers when they contact me. I have to figure out where I want to be in one to five years and set it for a milestone. I have to do a lot of decision-making to figure out what I want my website to look like. One thing I need to start with is a site analysis since I already have a website. I must figure out what to do to make all my customers satisfied what they have purchased so they can come back and purchase something else. I also know that if you make your customers satisfied you can get more by your customers telling a friend or associate that they know. I must be professional, integrity, honesty and respectful to my customers, so I mean business and I am willing to help them out. If something is not available I can ask what the customer is interest in. I must out how to manage my customers’ perceptions so I can have a competitive edge on my business. How I am going this know what is my best target is. Know what my customers want. When select the right swimming suits they show how spontaneous and fascinating I can be for my customers. So I can make the swimming suits it meets what my customers want.
References: Welcome to the World of Swimwear created by Sheldon Martin.

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