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“Stranger in the Village” In his essay “Stranger in the Village”, which was written during the trip to Switzerland in
1951. He describes the lives of Africa America and how he found racism to be prevalent in a
Swiss village. It was obvious to see that Africa America were separated from white people in the society. Baldwin’s essay describes his realization about racial discrimination and how it impacts his whole life. This essay not only shows the experiences of Baldwin in the village, but also the complex historical relationship between the “blacks” and “whites”. By looking at Baldwin’s experience of racism and how he deals with it, Baldwin is trying to show us the effects of racism on him and Africa Americans in the community. Therefore he inspires people to change with hope for a good future between the “blacks” and “whites”. Baldwin was not aware that he lived in a racist society until he had experienced it when he traveled to small village in Switzerland. Baldwin describes about his experiences living in the village and how he was able to see the issues of race. He realized that his life was defines by the color of skin in Europe. When he got there the villagers stared at him and treated him like an alien coming from a different world. “From all available evidence no black man had ever set foot in this tiny Swiss village before I came”, it was like villagers have never seen a black man before. The small children were afraid of him, stated to should Neger! Neger! And ran away from him. People are curious about him, about his skin color, his hair, and everything. “I was simply a living wonder,” Baldwin starts to think that the difference between “whites” and
“blacks” doesn’t not only exist in America society, but also around Europe. Baldwin often refers to his emotions when writing about the conflicts between “whites”...

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