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Strangers In The Dumpster: Short Story

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Gilbert was slouched on his couch glaring at his biology homework. “Why does this have to be so complicated?” He whined to no one in particular. “How am I supposed to know where the gall bladder of a frog is supposed to be when I can’t even see the frog myself?” He was still glaring at the worksheet when his brother Ludwig walked into his living room.
“What’s up, bruder?” Ludwig asked in his usual monotone voice.
“Luddy, I need your help! You know, since you are so smart that you skipped two grades and ended up a grade above me.”
“Vhat do you need help with zhis time, Gilbert?” Ludwig asked him with a barely audible sigh.
“Don’t vorry, I only need help with zhe location of the gall bladder in a frog. Aaaand all of zhe other organs.”
"Mein …show more content…
"It's nice to meet you too, Matthew."
“So, w-what do you need help with?”
“Right, I just need help vith zhe location of organs in a frog…. Or at least that is all I need help with right now.”
"Okay, h-how about we start with looking at a diagram of a frog and finding the organs on the diagram to see how much you know." Matthew said with a little more confidence now that he was in a situation where he felt more comfortable.
"Oh, I can do that!" Gilbert said with a grin as Matthew pulled out a blank diagram out of his backpack. He grinned triumphantly when he labeled each of the organs correctly.
Matthew had a look of surprise on his face when looked it over and saw that they were all correctly labeled. "Y-you labeled all of the organs correctly, so I-I don't really see what you need help with on this topic," He admitted.
"Vell, you see, I can find the organs on a diagram, but I can't describe vhere each is located vithout being able to look at the diagram. I know that you are going to tell me to just visualize the diagram in my head and to describe the location based of of my visual picture, but I can never get the visualization correct and end up completely screwing up." Gilbert sighed and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand awkwardly while avoiding Matthew's

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