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Strategic Administration

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An Assignment on Strategic administration of human resource, knowledge and change

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Contents Introduction 3 Appropriate Organizational Structure and Process 3 The approaches help the company to implement changes and overcome resistance to change 7 Evaluation of the company’s Human resource planning and Recruiting and Selection process 9 The contribution that Human resource management and Knowledge management could enhance individual and organizational performance 9 Recommendation for reward and performance strategy 10 Suggestion regarding initiatives that will help to develop a harmonious and trusting employment relationship within existing and new company 12 Summary 13 References 14

ABC limited is a small and growing company in IT sector. Despite of difficulties in economic environment, it wants to expand market and considered to establish a new base in one of the new expanding countries in EU. The company offers a greater range of product and service to remain competitive.
Until now the company follows an ad hoc strategy in human resource policy and procedure, which means that it makes their strategy for only any specific purpose. That improves only the performance of the selected time. But while expanding their market to a new base, it faces some problems. In addition, other small firms also appear strong competitor to ABC. It also takes reactive forward planning and strategic planning. But in the intense competitive market they face great problem with their present strategies of ‘Just In Time’. This strategy reduces the waste by using the amount of inventory which is needed. But this strategy may also create the problem of shortage or safety stock. For being competitive in the new market with product expansion the company has to overview its structure and find out the weak point and...

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