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Strategic HR Approach
The well-being of their employees is a primary concern for a company because they are the one that make the company alive. Hence, it’s vital for the company to ascertain that the needs of the employees are provided. The following circumstances are means into how the employee’s need occur and the procedures to guide the employees. Often, companies need to deviate from the norms to guide an employee.
Medical Bills
An employee who already stayed in the company for many years and who’s been confined in the hospital for two months had requested the company for the assistance in its medical bills. Meanwhile, the company is already adhering to the state law policies with regards to ensuring health insurance and disability. Except if the employee presents some evidence, the employee was uninjured at work causing the cancer; the company is not liable from any financial assistance from the employee. Nevertheless, the company should give some effort to help and seek means to assist the employee particularly because the employee has been with the company for almost 25 years. The company can try to implement fundraising activities, asking donations for the employee from its co-employees or give some of its funds as donations to cover the medical bills. The company’s decision to help the employee, aside from the health insurance would boost employee relations and illustrate to the employees that the company really does care for its employees.

New Management and Accidents
A new manager was hired by the company over a group of 10 employees under the help of a supervisor yet various accidents still occurred. Also, the employees who have stayed with the company said that the manager micromanages and the supervisor criticizes that the employees have no respect because of his age and stay in the company. The supervisor also complains about the team’s…...

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