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Table of contents Sl No. Details Page 1. Introduction 2 2. Company Background 3 3. Organizational structure of Unilever 4 4. Stakeholder Analysis of Unilever 5 5. Stakeholder and their influence on Unilever and Oxfam 6 6. SBMP of Unilever for 21th Century 7 7. Comparison between Unilever and Oxfam: An overview of SBMP 8 8. Analysis of the SBMP of the two organizations 10 9. Conclusion 10 10. Reference i

Unilever: “Creating a better future every day.” With 400 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and foods products, no other company touches so many people's lives in so many different ways.
Unilever’s brand portfolio has made the company leaders in every field in which it work. It ranges from much-loved world favourites including Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Omo, to trusted local brands such as Blue Band and Suave.
From comforting soups to warm a winter's day, to sensuous soaps that make you feel fabulous, its products help people get more out of life.
The company constantly enhancing company’s brands to deliver more intense, rewarding product experiences. It invests nearly €1 billion every year in cutting-edge research and development, and has five laboratories around the world that explore new thinking and techniques to help develop its products. (
Oxfam: Oxfam GB is a leading international NGO with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of aid and development work. Its purpose is to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International. 14 organisations with over 3,000 partners is around 100 countries working under Oxfam International. Building on its mission, values, and beliefs, the Strategic Plan has been developed to cover its work over the next three years. Its aim in the Plan is to increase its impact. The intention

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