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Individual Strategic Communication Plan Power/Politics Communication

(Paula DeMaio)
Quinnipiac University

Community Access Imaging Grant:
A Progress Report for the Seedlings Foundation and Quinnipiac University
December 19, 2015

Executive Summary:
Renewal of Community Access Imaging Grant: A Progress Report for Quinnipiac University and the Seedlings Foundation
Community Access Imaging (CAI) is a free clinic operating in conjunction with Quinnipiac University, the Seedlings Foundation and community health care partners. This clinic provides highly supervised, specialized diagnostic imaging exams to uninsured individuals of the surrounding communities. The clinic is currently funded for three years. Annual clinical progression reports discussed with benefactors, CAI staff and Quinnipiac administration will determine if renewal of funding will be provided for the continuation of the clinic. .
Analytical Methods: To determine the clinics total patient volume since commencement, data was collected from the coactive system. This system provides economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple modalities and total exams performed (CoActiv Enterprise Image & Data Management, 2009). We were able to calculate the percent increase of patient volume. In assessing percent increase, we calculated the annual patient volume of years 2014 (330 patients) and 2015 (460 patients). We took the difference, 130 and divided by the original number of 330. Appendix 1 demonstrates a 39.3% increase of patient volume in 2015 compared to 2014.
Recommendations: If continual endowment is provided to the clinic, it will have lasting benefits .This will support both CAI expansion, provide hands on learning experience to Quinnipiac members and continue to provide free diagnostic imaging exams to the uninsured population of Connecticut. Appropriate...

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