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Strategic Hr Approach

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Strategic HR Approach

Strategic HR Approach
A HR Director has many job responsibilities throughout the work day. They ensure that payroll and accounting are done properly; they are in charge of the hiring and training of new employees. They must also keep up to date information and training for current employees who wish to continue to work for the company. Also HR directors also have to deal with the termination of employees. One other task which HR directors must deal with is employee safety. They must ensure the company and the employees are following all federal and state guidelines. By following all safety and security measures maintains the employer and employee have proper balance within the workplace. Listed below are four case scenarios in which I, as the HR director, must ensure all federal guidelines are being met by the company to offer the best outcome for the employees involved.
Case Scenario 1: Medical Bills
This employee has been a dedicated employee within the company for the past 25 years of service. They have been diagnosed with cancer which has required them to be hospitalized for two months. While in the hospital, they have accumulated a numerous amount of medical bills due to different treatment options. With the mounting amount of medical bills and no work, this employee is seeking additional help from the employer with additional medical costs and to help cover the cost of these bills. The company is already following state and federal guidelines by covering their 80% coverage and the individual pays the remaining 20% coverage. Also the employee has paid into disability insurance and the company is complying with that additional coverage as well, as the employee takes an extended leave of absence. It has been deemed the employee’s cancer was not due to working and hazardous materials from the company, so the employer is under no...

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