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Strategic Intervention Material: Improving the Level of Academic Performance of Grade 8 Students of Mnchs

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1. Project Title: Strategic Intervention Material: Improving the level of Academic Performance of Grade 8 Students

2. Proponents: Ronaldo Z. Ongotan, Joanne C. Collantes, Mark Anthony L. Esparza, Jennifer D. Ramos, Edralin Aban, Racel Santiañez, and Richard F. Lacquin MAEd, Students

3. Project Duration: June 2014 – March 2015

4. Project Location: Masbate National Comprehensive High School



Despite the fact that students have many difficulties in Mathematics, Factoring Polynomials is one of the least mastered skills for the students. They are confused and didn't know which appropriate method should be used. The proponent wondered if the academic performance of the students will improve through the use of Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) in the topic, Factoring Polynomials in Mathematics Grade 8. This tool of teaching, if properly done, has been proven to encourage students to understand more of the lesson independently and with less teachers’ guidance. The proponent also patterned the activities from the K to 12 curriculum while transforming the learning process into an enjoyable reading, problem solving experience and make an impact to their academic performance.
Review of Related Literature Intervention has become an important way for teachers to ensure that all students succeed in today’s high stakes testing environment. Intervention is needed by those low performing students who find it hard to cope-up with the bulk of knowledge presented to them inside the classroom instruction. SIM refers to teaching aid which stimulate students’ learning activities which help them increase the level of understanding and skills on the lesson. It also helps master a skill which they were not able to develop during regular classroom teaching. The SIM enables direct intervention by the teacher.…...

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