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Strategic Management is a process for conducting the entrepreneurial activities of a firm for organizational renewal, growth, and transformation. The major tasks are: (1) set a mission and goals, (2) assess the environment, (3) appraise company capabilities, (4) craft the strategy, (5) implement the strategy, and (6) evaluate and control the strategy. Business Policy is a set of prescribed and discretionary statements, limiting actions of individuals in the firm, as set forth in directives and guides. Mission is the reason for which the firm exists, and what it will do. Basically, it describes the products/services to be supplied, the markets to be served, and the technology applied (if important). Vision Statement answers the question, What do we want to become? Goals express the aspirations of the firm, general ends that cannot be measured. Ex. “In unrelenting pursuit of perfection.” Objectives are specific targets to be accomplished by a specified time. Ex. “Profits will grow at the rate of 5% annually for the next five years.” Long-term objectives (5 years or more) are strategic objectives and define the desired character of the company, at the specified time. Strategy is simply the means or general actions to be taken to achieve long-term objectives. Strategic management is the work of the General Manager. General Manager is a person who is responsible for a profit center, as opposed to a functional manager who is responsible only for a cost or revenue center. Generic Strategy is the name for a group of similar specific strategies. Levels of Strategy 1. Corporate level. What types of businesses should we be in? 2. Business level. How do we compete? 3. Functional component level. What should our organization do to synchronize with the business-level strategy? Opportunity is a set of...

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