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Strategic Plan Part 1
A Business I have always wanted to open is a diner that serves a little bit of everything. The main entrees my diner would serve would be the local favorites and cuisines from all over the United States. I would call my diner The One Stop Diner.
At The One Stop Diner would serve all sorts of specialty dishes and cuisines. We would offer dishes from Cajun foods, which would include crawfish, Boudin, alligator, frog legs, red beans and rice, gumbo’s, jambalays, etouffee, and king cake. Dishes from seafood cuisines would include lobster, crab, scallops, calamari, fresh fish, and shrimp cooked to order. Dishes served from the Mexican cuisine would be enchiladas, tacos burritos chimichangas, gorditas, brisket, chicken, and flan. Dishes from the Italian cuisine would include different entrees of pastas, sauces, chicken, and sausage, as well as pizzas. Some Greek cuisine will be included on the menu as well as all American favorite foods. The all American foods would include pulled pork, BBQ chicken, sausage, brisket, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fried chicken, chicken fried steak, pork chops, different cuts of steak cooked to order, and Philly cheese steaks.
One Stop Diner’s mission is; at One Stop Diner we take great pride and put great value in providing our customers with their favorite foods that are available all across the United States, from coast to coast in one cozy family friendly atmosphere diner.
The United States consist of some much diversity it’s what our country was founded on and still to this day is what makes up the United States. There are so many different cultures and different types of people that make this country what it is. Using the different cultures and back grounds of America I plan to incorporate that into my diner and the foods that are served at my diner. My diner’s employees would be very respectful…...