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Jason Wong Yee Kang

Executive Summary
This report was carried out in studying and learning about importance of strategic planning and management. In this particular assignment, a well-known organisation within the hospitality, events and tourism industry – Shangri-La Asia Limited (SLA) is chosen to conduct a SWOT analysis and potential strategic through the use of TOWS matrix.
To further accomplish the learning outcome of this assessment, external and secondary research had been carried out through the use of internet, books and journal in completing the report. The SWOT analysis of Shangri-La Asia Limited is further divided into sections. In strength and weakness, it described the brand reputation of the company and its difficulties in expansion on different culture market respectively. Moreover, opportunities and threats is further been analysed into the growing demand of market and increasing labour cost in Mainland China.
Furthermore, a TOWS matrix is created and potential strategic is strongly analysed based on the SWOT analysis. As such, it also look into strategic for Shangri-La Asia Limited (SLA) in overcoming the difficulties in culture difference and taking advantage of its brand reputation for expansion. Lastly, strategic such as being cost effective and revising job description of position is been look into.

Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 3 Analysis 4 Company Overview 4 Company History 4 SWOT 5 Strength 5 Strong brand image and reputation 5 Business geographically diversified in Asia-Pacific 6 Weakness 7 Difficult in expanding market across different culture market 7 Increasing indebtedness 8 Opportunities 9 Growing demand for hospitality industry 9 New hotel openings to improve market...

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