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Strategic Planning Swot Analysis Paper

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This paper will give a summary of what was learned during the past five weeks of strategic planning. It will discuss what is involved in strategic planning process and how beneficial strategic planning is to any organization. The SWOT analysis will also be discussed to define the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and how they can be useful in the success of a company.
Strategic planning is defined as helping companies or business become more profitable by aligning the organization with the environment. For example, a company that does not have a plan for where it is headed or how to get there will eventually fail. A company must have a direction and plan to become successful. Strategic planning is different from long-range planning. In long range planning you are planning for where you project the company to be 5-10 years down the road.
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Managers face the difficulty of coming in and telling people to change the way they have been doing things for possibly a long time. Some managers may be new at their position and have to make changes to a department or company where people have more seniority than them and may feel that the manager is lacking sufficient knowledge to change things. Managers sometimes have to do the job that the higher paid bosses might not want to do such as firing workers. Firing someone is not an easy task especially if you know they are trying and doing what are supposed to do but the company needs to cut back to meet budget goals. Any many that comes into a position and makes changes from the beginning is not normally received well by the people that he or she is managing. Not all change for an organization is bad. Change can be a positive thing. If a company has been performing poorly, and they hire someone to take over and change the daily operations and things start to change for the positive, this can lead to praise and faith in that individual and the vision they have for the

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