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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Team B
MGT 449
May 22, 2012
Teresa Knox
Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Every organization must establish a strategic position at which it wants to enter or maintain in their chosen industry. They accomplish this by developing a quality management approach and customer satisfaction measurements adhered to by all employees. This paper illustrates Apple Inc.’s SWOTT analysis and how the company develops its vision, mission, and guiding principles based on this analysis. This paper also reviews how Apple’s strategic plans and objectives define quality as a core principle. Finally, an assessment of some tools Apple uses to measure customer satisfaction and how these measurements can enhance quality.
Apple Inc.
Apple designs, develops and markets personal computers, media devices, and portable digital music players. Founded in 1979 by Steve Wozniak and Steven Jobs, Apple has become a world leader in the personal electronic entertainment industry. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online stores. The company reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and application stores, and has recently introduced its magical iPad that is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices. The organization built this empire by sustaining the Four Basic Values establish from its conception. Honesty; Ensures Apple demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards in all business dealings. Respect; Treat customers, suppliers, employees, and others with respect and courtesy. Confidentiality; Protect the confidentiality of Apple’s information and the information of our customers, suppliers, and employees. Compliance; Ensure that business decisions comply with all applicable laws and regulations. These simple values have transformed Apple from a two...

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