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Strategic Staffing

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Strategic Staffing
HRM 600: Human Resource Planning
Professor Deroeck
Megan Purdy
March 23, 2015

Strategic Staffing Page 2 In today’s business world, there are constant changes taking place that includes the process of staffing. Staffing has often been thought of as a reactive process, in that when an employee quits or is let go, Human Resources must immediately go through the process of filling that position. The hiring process has certainly evolved over time and has become somewhat more complex. To be effective in staffing, the organization needs to offer their support to the Human Resources team to engage in new and innovative methods of strategic staffing. In most organizations, the Human Resources department should be providing information concerning the staffing strategy and then be responsible for developing particular processes to be able to support the strategy. A typical staffing strategy should include the following parts or guidelines to be most effective: Overview, Alignment with the Goals and Strategy of the Organization, Filling Open Positions, Balancing the Staff, Meeting Diversity Goals, Retention of Employees, Development and Training of Employees and Workplace Environment. (Mochal, 2003) The overview will be an area that will define any important trends in the industry or particular factors that will affect staffing. The aligning of goals and strategy of the organization will combine both organizational strategies alongside the staffing strategies to work as one. A staffing strategy will provide the guidelines for management to identify the best possible candidates for open positions, both internally and externally. The balance of staff should include input and guidelines as to who will fill the open positions, permanent employees or contracted employees.…...

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