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Strategic Technology Plan

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Multimedia Architects 3D Virtual Reality
Strategic Technology Plan
Tony E. Rumford, Quincy Jones, Cheri Bennett, Ryan Shemer, Darren Roony

Table of Contents

Introduction..................................................................................................................................... 3
Overview of Technology Plan........................................................................................................ 4 Organization Mission: ............................................................................................................... 4 Organization Description: .......................................................................................................4-5 Technology Planning Team: ..................................................................................................... 5
Organization Analysis .................................................................................................................5-6 Current Business Processes: ...................................................................................................6-7 Process Improvements: ..............................................................................................................8 Current State of Technology: .................................................................................................8-9 Improvements and Acquisitions: ..........................................................................................9-11
Measures of Technology Plan Success: ........................................................................................11
References ...............................................................................................................................12-13

The formation of Multimedia Architects Entertainment Building (MAEB) Inc. as a specialized service company is the result of exploration of the high technological advancements of computer graphic design integrated with twenty-one years of personal commitment to quality work for, in, and around various areas of the building industry. The initial goal is to provide business owners, with the innovative concept of working from home in a three-dimensional virtual world integrated with a social network virtual reality (VR) definition. To date, no one has approached the ecommerce market this way with sales revenues in excess of four billion ($4,000,000,000) dollars with such a unique and affordable business concept.
3D Multimedia Architecture (3D MA) is a software program that has the ability to engage consumers in a fully integrated virtual retail and entertainment experience, also known as immersive Virtual Reality (iVR). Immersive Virtual Reality is the science and technology required for a user to feel present, via perceptive, cognitive and functional immersion and interaction, in a generated environment. iVR technology has the potential to create an entirely new platform and medium for consumerism, business environments, and social interaction. The primary goal of 3D MA management is preparing the organization to compete in the iVR marketplace for the long term. Specifically, we will provide in-depth strategic technology forecasting over the next five years with room for modifications in technology and/or industry as we go forward. The following plan outlines the company's structure, present and future goals, and need for capital.
Overview of Technology Plan
MAEB virtual reality building allows us to immerse people in a 3D environment, with head-mounted displays (HMDs or VR goggles) --that's why we often call it immersive VR. To differentiate it from virtual worlds like Second Life or World of Warcraft, 3D MA is not a gaming platform, it’s setup to handle real e-commerce business.
Our goal is to make 3D worlds more realistic and immersive with the 3D MA platform. The 3D MA platform is designed to be compatible with VR equipment, such as the CAVE™ or head-mounted displays (HMD), turning virtual worlds into powerful real-life experiences. Our applications and domains described will be based with the augmentation which can take on a number of different forms. In all our applications the augmented reality presented to the user will enhances that person's performance in and perception of the virtual world. Our ultimate goal is to create a system such that the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it.
Organization Mission:
3D Multimedia Architects mission is to enable the ultimate visual experience to transport an audience to another time and space. With the best spherical media software, combined with the world's most versatile capture devices, our imagination becomes our only limitation.
Organization Description:
MAEB Inc. is a new company formed to take advantage of virtual reality technology in its application to e-commerce - marking services and sales of new merchandise represented in a 3D world. The company will develop and provide virtual office space for new or existing businesses as well as prospective purchasers. I. Name: Multimedia Architects Entertainment Building, Inc. II. Founding Year: 2014 III. Industry: 3D Technology IV. Specialization: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality V. Number of Clients: 100 VI. Number of Full-Time Employees: 45 VII. Number of Locations: 4 VIII. Geographic Region Served: Global
Technology Planning Team: Name | Title | Phone | Email | Role on Team | Tony Rumford | Chief Architect | 818-201-8937 | | Architect | Ryan Shemer | Architect | x8938 | | Architect | Quincy Jones | Quality Control Manager | x8939 | | Quality Control | Cheri Bennett | Business Process Manager | X8940 | | Process Management | Darren Rooney | Production Manager | X8941 | | Production |

Organization Analysis:
Multimedia Architects Entertainment Building is a 3D Virtual Reality 300 story high rise office building, with the first two floors being a social networking retail Mall selling real consumer product. This mall has an indoor Lake boat ride for private one-on-one chats while sitting in the boat. It includes a collaborative Music Mixing Studio, Concert Hall, Casino, (4) members only Night Clubs each one playing its own venue, 1).Rock and Roll, 2).R&B and Rap, 3). Jazz and Blues and 4). Country and Western. With over 100 shopping stores within the mall. MA Real World VR platform will reshape how people research, learn, work and play.
When you log into this site you get an Avatar body representing you, if you are a member you can have your real face and your mothers face on your Avatars head. The office space is leased out for handling real ecommerce, all offices come with an Avatar receptionist, and a minimum of 400 sq.ft, which includes a private back office, the avatar would have his real face on it as a member. Office space is also available for larger companies who want to offer their employee’s a different kind of work environment by working from home. What (MAE) would do, is get the floor plan from the company and recreate a 3D virtual office within the entertainment building to look just as it does in the real world. The same break room, copy room, carpet or marble on the floor, same furniture and even the same pictures on the walls. All of the employee’s will have real time live video feed open during work hours as a thumb nail on the office managers desk top or Mobil media device, when the manager wants to talk to one of the employee’s he would just click on the thumb nail to open up a live communication between the two. The manager would be able to monitor their work activities at all times. With this new technology this gives company a worldwide human resource.
Current Business Processes:
Strategy implementation for 3D MA consists of carrying out a series of carefully formulated business objectives and strategies, some of which were previously mentioned. In order to execute a successful strategic plan we must first make all stakeholders aware of their individual responsibilities and how they fit in with the overall plan. Once the entire strategic plan has been conceptualized, agreed upon, and fully vetted by the trained and experienced staff, we will execute the plan.
The first action plan in carrying out our strategy is for 3D MA to recruit experienced, educated candidates and develop them into a highly trained workforce. A subsequent goal within HR is to create a workplace that offers the right encouragement, incentives, and value to the employee not only to retain staff but keep them satisfied and motivated. Part of the employee retention strategy is to offer detailed and thorough training to new staff members, one on one meetings with everybody, and management support for encouraged collaboration and open lines of communication between all levels of the organization. By gathering input from employees from all levels of the organization it allows them to feel satisfied for their contribution and gives them a clear understanding of the common goal and strategy.
The substance of the implementation strategy is to create software that delivers industry leading virtual environments with a focus on customizable forums for 3D office space and ecommerce shopping malls. In order to implement a strategy that will be able to evolve and grow into a productive industry-leading platform for 3D virtual environments we have separated the expertise of our programmers into two groups; one group that focuses on the development of virtual office and corporate environments while the other group focuses on development of retail environments. This allows us to add value to and enrich each environment separately and still have the benefit of sharing design specifications and techniques between one another.
We have also targeted customer service as another area of focus because of the potential for existing customer relationships to grow into future customer relationships if they are happy with the product. Additionally, the feedback provided by consumers can be a valuable source of product innovation and improvements. Most importantly however, the customizable nature of the 3D architecture makes it so we need to be in constant contact with our clients or they will go elsewhere.
Process Improvements:
Executive Management will oversee the development of business key performance indicators (KPIs) that will track our adherence to, and performance of, our strategic initiatives. Annually, we will track the number of, as well as the usage of, 3D virtual worlds established as working environments and mass market entertainment venues. Associated KPIs will indicate trends such as a preferred interest in acting as a ‘Business Owner’ (3D world creators) or a “Patron” (Employees, Customers). This trend analysis will provide an area of focus for which new service offerings can be developed. We will periodically assess the effectiveness of employee retention programs. We will follow employees who participate in employee retention programs and track the length of time they remain with the company. We will also compare these statistics to those of employees who do not participate in employee retention programs. As a strategically managed company, we encourage Executive level management, especially our Public Relations Officer (PRO), to participate in rapport building sessions with our employees to gain insight into how the more technical staff views our company as well as our product. Finally yet importantly, sales will be tracked periodically to identify drivers of negative changes in order to develop and implement corrective action. Overall, our goal is to assess the performance of all management developed KPIs to identify undesirable performance and collectively create and implement a plan of action to improve company performance.

Current State of Technology:
Beyond the media fascination with virtual reality lies a fast-developing technology which has extraordinary - and quite real - commercial applications. And not just in the entertainment industry: VR applications hold tremendous promise in the manufacturing, engineering, medical, educational, architectural, and military fields, among many others. (Casey Larijani, September 1993)
If virtual reality were just another technology, you would not have heard so much about it. However, this technology that can be applied to every human activity and can be used to mediate in every human transaction. Since you are completely immersed in a virtual world, virtual reality constitutes a new form of human experience-one that may be as important to the future as film, theater, and literature have been to the past. Its potential impact is so broad that it may define the culture that results from its use. As a consequence, the concept of virtual reality will be as widely used as a metaphor as it is in practice. (Michael Heim, 1993)
By the end of the year 2015, the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset will launch as the most anticipated gaming peripheral in years. About 50,000 Rift headsets are in circulation among developers working on applications for the hardware, and the company just announced a new and improved development kit at the Game Developers Conference. Meanwhile, Sony is prompting its new Morpheus virtual-reality headset, and there are other entries on the horizon. (Jerry Beilinson, 2014). Additionally, Microsoft will also have a strong presence in the virtual reality scene by the spring of 2016.


Technology Improvements and Acquisitions:
In order to stay a leader, 3D Multimedia Architects will engage in continuous analysis and forecasting in order to be better prepared for market shifts and changes. Effectively accomplishing this means addressing all business aspects that exist in which 3D Multimedia Architects will be affected. While addressing the prospect of the future isn’t uncommon, 3D Multimedia Architects won’t make the mistake of considering this a simple task, rather it will become a living breathing entity in its own regard. Similar to our offerings, the ability to forecast, and develop corresponding strategies to these forecasts, will prove to be a valuable experience that transcends everyday business practice.
3D Multimedia Architects will look ten years into the future and form a plan based on perceptions of what VR and AR will look like at that time. Important questions regarding how these technologies are received, grown, and re-imagined will be asked. Has augmented reality assisted the medical field in training better physicians or does it hurt it? Does a virtual market place hinder companies that benefit more from a real experience? At what level of being does this experience begin to change for the customer, or for the consumer, and can it be re-defined in a virtual reality? Has the development of these technologies matched or surpass economic expectations? The answers to these questions can help determine the socio-economic consequences during this journey and provide a much needed guide, or template, that 3D Multimedia Architects will adhere to as time progresses.
Technology will certainly change over the course of ten years. Along with this change comes improvements in design and implementation of technology practices. 3D Multimedia Architects will adjust to this based on how our offering impacts society as a whole. We must also consider how trends in technology changes how the world will conduct business and entertainment as it directly relates to the company’s success. The least desirable outcome would be for the company to be unable to adjust to a changing world with no method of response created to maintain relevancy. The plan for an event such as this would be to reorganize the company to redefine incorporate our sharpest skillsets as best possible. Reorganization to meet new challenges is important whether the company is dealing with negative events or the unexpected pressure of having to rapidly expand production to function in spite of the demands (Duff, 2015).
The best situation finds 3D Multimedia Architects remaining a leader in the market, with successful and well developed forecasting and analysis methods in place. This affords the company with options to expand business, incorporate new offerings into current business, or to maintain status quo. Finding itself in the middle ground means that while 3D Multimedia Architects hasn’t failed, it hasn’t been able to reach a milestone of understanding customer needs, and how to truly integrate with them. Reviewing analysis of market trends, customer trends, and what our customer’s customers’ expectations are, can deliver 3D Multimedia Architects to gaining traction in exceeding pre-determined goals and objectives.
Measures of Technology Plan Success:
3D Multimedia Architecture is in the business of creating 3D virtual worlds and if the market decidedly trends towards the software friendly virtual business environment then 3D Multimedia Architecture would shift as well. If we draw out the possible industry scenarios where AR encompasses the market based on the graph provided than the primary concern for 3D Multimedia Architecture should be to focus on developing the virtual environments that are geared more towards the business and workflow processes rather than the graphic rich content played out in the heavily gaming dominated field of VR. References
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Hitech Act

...Healthcare and health information technology (health IT) are undergoing transformative change at an unprecedented pace. Strategic planning has become a major discussion point among CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, and IT Directors. Whether it is implementing enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) systems, working toward compliance with the “meaningful use” EHR Incentive Program, enabling patients’ involvement through PHRs, transitioning to ICD-10, establishing insurance exchanges, becoming an accountable care organization, or even deploying a medical home, healthcare executives are confronted with a confluence of high-priority initiatives. It is imperative to view health IT strategically from an IT management perspective (Tan). Based on developing and institutionalizing health information and health IT strategic planning for large-scale integrated healthcare organizations, lessons incorporated from this can be vital. Following these practices will equip the CIO, CTO, and CMIO to not only develop a Health Information and HIT Strategic Plan, but provide clarity on operationalizing the plan and managing information and IT strategically within their organization as well. Align with Corporate Plans for strategic intent, context, and line of sight. Consider mission, vision, core values, business principles, strategic goals and objectives, strategic direction, strategic initiatives, and outcomes-based performance measures—all elements of a robust strategic planning framework......

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