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Strategies for the Technical Professional: Goals


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1.) Why are you pursuing a degree at ITT Technical Institute? I am pursuing a degree at ITT Technical Institute because I am tired of my current career. I want to challenge myself. I look at all the technology around me and think “Wow, I want to be a part of that!” But mostly, I want to have a career that I can be proud of and that I can really enjoy doing. I think ITT Technical Institute has a very good reputation and an exceptional success rate when it pertains to students finding the careers that they are looking for. I want to be a part of that. In the future, when I tell employers where I have gone to school, I hope that they will be impressed. I hope that they well think to themselves “We need him.” I think ITT Technical Institute can do that for me.

What are at least two goals that you have set for yourself in general? A: One of my general goals is to stop procrastinating. I have a bad habit of putting things off until the last possible minute before I finally set out to finish whatever task it is that is pending in my life. I hope to train myself to see what needs to be done and not think that I can let it wait. That I have to do other things that are more important. Or convince myself that I don't really have to do that certain task in the first place. I think that I can use the experience of going back to school so late in my career, as a catalyst for a change in my procrastinating behavior. Getting a degree, while balancing a full-time job and a home life, is, I think, going to be “sink or swim”. And I very much want to be a swimmer. B: Another of my general goals is to buy a new car. My roommates have been generous over the last 6+ years and allowed me to use their vehicles when I needed them. It is high-time that I get my own vehicle and be able to return the favor. Also, it will allow me to not be dependent on them when it

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