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Strategy and Positioning Paper

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Strategy and Positioning Paper
Deopra Clayton, Alexander Reigstad, Jessica Baker, Sharitza Bailey
Simia Sharp, Victoria Carthage
March 7th, 2016
Professor Kenyetta Rivera

SkySpecs is a rather new and up and coming company in the drone making industry. They started out as a group of engineers who has won multiple contests and have recently signed a contract with one of the largest companies in the wind energy business. Each aspect of marketing a product is important. Strategy and product positioning aids to make the product more profitable and assist with getting it to the correct markets. This is still a rather small company that is just being realized for its true potential. Next Energy recognized the unique opportunity that SkySpecs has and helped them form a partnership in the wind and utility industry. NextEnergy mentored SkySpecs, they helped them by finding them funding, they helped them make business decisions, helped them do research on the drone market, and most importantly helped them find the partnership they now share with UpWind Solutions. (Ellis, 2015)
This strategic and positioning plan will discuss, how the marketing efforts and mix will change with each phase of the product life cycle. We will also describe, packaging that will be used and how packaging will add value to the product. Ending with developing a price strategy and what distribution channels will be used to sell the product and how each channel partner will add value.
Marketing Efforts and Marketing Mix
A product life cycle has stages just like a human life cycle. During the lifetime of a product it is broken down into five different stages that include development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline stages of the product. Within each stage, characteristics differ and in response to those differences the needs of the product moves through its life…...

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