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Strategy and Implementation

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Strategy and implementation


Audiobeats will leverage their competitive edge of low overhead and low personnel and talent count, ensuring that whatever resources are available would be concentrated on the voice talents that are carefully chosen. Also, resources will be concentrated on purchasing state of the art recording and music equipment in order to maintain a competitive edge and stand our ground.

Efforts to contact various entertainment agencies will be made, for them to record using our studios and equipment, and quite possibly send their talents for voice training at our premises. An intimate partnership can be formed with profits to be made on both sides.

Competitive edge

Audiobeats will employ a two-pronged competitive edge. The first edge prong is having low overhead. Resources will be concentrated mostly on state of the art recoding music and recording equipment, and voice training programs and trainers. A significant amount would also be allocated to establish connections with established entertainment agencies. Advertising would also be one of our priorities, as we need to advertise our good recording studios and equipment. This would be more cost effective compared to conducting R&D of our own. For office work wise, space and resources allocated will be kept at it’s minimum.

Audiobeats will also use our other competitive edge prong by retaining a low talent count. Although we offer “Voice Talent Services”, the other services we provide, namely: “Voice Over recordings”, “Music Recording & Production”, and “Facilities with recording equipment” – all these would require good equipment, studios and environment like for example soundproof studios and walls. To maximize output, scouts can be employed when people come in to use our recording services – on the look out for any potential talents.

As Audiobeats is a relatively new company just starting out, marketing through volume is not possible, as we do not have that huge amount of funds to do so. Thus, we believe in specialized care and attention for whatever personnel , talents and staff that we have. Connections must also be slowly built up with some of the more established entertainment agencies in order to gain a foothold in this market.

Marketing Strategy

As Audiobeats establish connections with the few selected more established entertainment companies, and as they send their artistes/groups/bands in for recording/practice sessions, the name of Audiobeats will slowly begin to spread around in the industry. We have to keep a good track record and reputation so as to slowly establish our name. Also, if albums are being recorded in our studios, our studio name would also be printed in the albums and thus achieving the effect of promotion. From all these activities, revenue can also be earned at the same time.

For our Voice Talent Program, the cream of the crop would be chosen to be sent to possibly debut at the entertainment agencies that we have connections with. Open auditions and competitions can also be held so as to achieve promotional effects and also R&D. For these competitions, media can be invited to cover these events. A list of events would be (not exhaustive):

* Calling up newspapers and inviting them to sessions, basically letting them know what is going on * Submit press releases * Find good story angles for the print media * List every show played by the bands * Coddle the radio stations * Develop press kits * Get professional quality photos.
Sales Strategy
Audiobeats’s sales strategy will focus mainly on our main source of income which is the revenue coming in through usage of our recording facilities. Aside from artistes of entertainment companies, the general public are also free to book and use our recording facilities for personal usage. Different kind of studios, different kind of prices catering to different segments of consumers.
As mentioned earlier, open auditions or competitions can be held. During then, for artistes whose albums are recorded on our premises, we can sell the CDs at the venues. This is because CDs purchased at shows are, more often than not, impulse buys. We can draw a small commission from the revenue from sales, and if customers who bought the album are satisfied, the direct link to our company will be made in their minds – they will have a good impression of the company and have faith in it’s abilities.
Also, in training our own talent, the cream of the crop might be signed by entertainment agencies – contracts will be signed, and we will make profit. However, this source of revenue is only in assumption that we have talent that entertainment agencies deem good enough to make a debut.
Sales Forecast
Sales will be slow initially. It is expected to take quite a long time to break even as the amount spent on state of the art equipment and facilities will be huge. Once contracts with entertainment agencies have been signed, and with a constant stream of customers using our facilities, there will be s steady stream of revenue.

As mentioned earlier, there might be a chance that entertainment agencies might find our home grown talents to their liking, and contracts can be signed in order to cross them over to the agency. The contract fee will be a bonus additional income for the company.
There will also be a steady stream of income from our Voice training programs. As the name of Audiobeats gets established, more variety of courses can be introduced catering to different segments of customers. For example: * Group vocal classes * Individual vocal classes * Pop Vocal * Classic Vocal * Etc

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