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Agency Name: | Living Dead Inspiration (Online Will) | Project Name: | Community Based Employment, Life Skills Training &Family Inspiration with Basic Financial Planning and Encouragement forContinue Success and Life Offerings for Loved Ones. | Program Area: | Education/Training and Assimilation with Life the Death of Elderly Family Member. | | | | | Total Inital Cost: | $34,780.00 | Total Project Estimate Cost: | $55, 356.25 | | | # of Persons to be Served: | Millions | # to be Employed: | 10+ | | | | | Cost To Subscriber: | Free | Revenue: | Advertisements and One Time Fee To the Retrieval | | | Population Served: | Human Race Over the World | | | | |

Table of Contents
Executive Summary1.0
Situation Analysis2.0
Project & Plan Description2.2
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)3.0
Amount Requested/Total Project Estimate Cost 4.0
Other Sources of Funding 4.1
Plans for Future Funding 4.2
Budget Estimates4.3
Market Strategy5.0
SWOT Analysis 5.1
Competition, Product (Service) Offering, Keys to Success.6.0
Critical Issues, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Objectives 7.0
Marketing Organization10.0
Contingency Planning11.0
Contingency Estimation12.0

Living Dead Inspiration

1.0 Executive Summary

Living Dead Inspiration is an e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in Web-based search engine for inspirational words from the love ones whom has passed on. The life of a sick person can be shortened not only by the acts, but also by the words or the manner of a physician. Sometimes you may have to deliver a difficult message to a family, friends, loved ones, colleagues or business partner who/whom will be left behind; Regardless of who the recipient is, the way the message is delivered is the most important. The company will be located

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